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  1. Horseracing is cruel and deadly in every country. We at Horseracing Wrongs are proud to work with organizations in other countries with the same mission. To end the cruelty and end the killing, end horseracing.

    • What the hell is wrong with these people? I pray Karma kicks them in the ass so hard it knocks them into another area code. Who can watch this pure evil torture?

  2. This is 100 % true. After the barbaric Steeplechase at Cheltenham, the Animal Aid group is calling for an end to this “festival “.and that doesn’t include the population living in the UK. So we are not the only ones who want to end this charade for the rich and famous. There are opinions on the website from pro and con people. There were 4 deaths that we know of from last weeks 😢 hurdle accidents. And guess who one of the trainers are who lost a horse last week. We remember that sweetheart Gordon Elliot. More horses for his couch to sit on and make calls.

  3. I just copied this collection of tragedy to my news feed. I dare people to watch and share!

  4. Five horses going down in one race, but in three different races and that is not enough to horrify the powers that be in horseracing to stop this egregious cruelty to horses. I think it was more than 5 horses going down in one of the races in this video. The race in Japan looked like there could have been 6 or 7 horses going down, but that part was cut off to focus on the horses still running. There were so many horses in the Japan race and more than two horses still running which gave the track announcer plenty to talk about. Whereas the race at Aqueduct had 5 horses go down but two horses were still running. The announcer in the race at Aqueduct sounded like he got the wind knocked out of his sails a little bit, so to speak, with only two horses left running out 7 horses in the race and five (5) horses going down in that one race. Wow! The moral depravity of these people is overwhelming!

  5. What really gets us is how the American jockeys don`t even try to catch the loose broken down horse & allow it to keep moving even with a clearly broken lower leg! At least the Irish rider stayed with the horse & kept it restrained from further injury.As a past rider we have had horses breakdown less severely & we always restrained them further injury & did not just walk away!

    • That gray horse was ArmsRunner and I have made multiple nasty remarks concerning the humans involved. Unfortunately,I was watching the tvg channel and saw it happen.

  6. Defend this apologists!
    This video should be presented to our elected politicians who continue to endorse and provide hundreds of millions of taxpayer-funded subsidies to this vile business over public education and veteran services.
    There is not one justification to keep this antiquated and unnecessary gambling venue going.

  7. Hey, sports enthusiasts the world round, no need to go to NASCAR, wrestling, football, or boxing, because horseracing has all the thrills of these combat sports and more! Why your favorite or rival horse may crash, taking others down with it, and your announcer will pause for no more than a second or two, and on with the show! The show always goes on, whether it is in the hottest of summer heat–humid or dry–or a muddy, splashy track all for your viewing pleasure and betting dollars! Come one, come all, your children will marvel at the quick response to a downed injured athlete. No worry, privacy barriers are put up, and it’s on to the winner’s circle for the photo ops and smiles all around! What with elephants all but gone from the big top, we’re now the greatest show on Earth!!!

    • On to the “winner’s circle” EXCEPT WHEN the winner breaks down fatally just past the wire.

      The human connections can still collect their “$200” or whatever amount the purse is to the “winner” and the humans can still “pass go” and never mind going to “jail” because this heinous criminal activity of abusing and killing horses is above the law.

  8. Every racing proponent should be made to get behind the curtain while the track people inject the catastrophically horse has the life drained out of them.

  9. I’m sitting here with an aching heart and tears running down my face….so, so tragic. The agony these innocent horses must have endured and for what, just so their so-called ‘loving’ owners, trainers and jockeys can pocket ill-gotten prize money and five minutes of fame and glory. May Karma repay every single one of these money-grabbing, heartless pieces of human slime tenfold.

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