Fighting the Fight in Florida

In partnership with Florida Voices for Animals, here is our latest billboard, in Tampa:

From our executive director, Nicole Arciello:

We are a small organization, but we pack a punch! We all know that a small group of people can make a difference. We couldn’t have gotten this far without the financial support of our donors – fierce advocates who believe in our work and our mission, and share our passion. This is just one of the campaigns – including at least 12 more billboards! – we are working on this year. To help us grow and expand, please consider a donation. Having regular funding we can count on allows us to strategize and use our resources more efficiently. Join us today as a monthly donor or through a one-time donation. Every little bit helps the horses. Thank you!

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  1. Thank you to Florida Voices for Animals who will be protesting again on Saturday, March 12 th at 11:00 am at Tampa Bay Downs!

    And thank you to our supporters who make campaigns like this possible! Another first for the horses in Florida!

  2. Thank you, Patrick, Nicole and everyone, for being there for the horses and advocating for the horses!!!!! Some people seem to think that we all should just roll over and let the horses suffer and die for whatever reason. Do some people think that this industry of exploiting horses for Pari-Mutuel wagering is “too big to fail” or is it because they don’t want it to stop for their own selfish interests? Whatever their reasons or excuses are, there is evidence that the horse racing industry is going down and that it is not too big to fail.
    Thanks to many fierce advocates, this industry is getting the “boot” it deserves.

    • It’s always frustrating to me when people say, “oh that’s a tough fight,” or “it’s a big industry with a lot of money,” when they find out what I do.

      The fight against horseracing isn’t any tougher a battle than other animal rights fight. There are still circuses in parts of the country, rodeos, orcas in captivity, puppy mills, people still wear fur and people still eat animals, etc. These are all long fights, and most began in the 1970s. The fight against horseracing has just begun. It has only recently registered into the minds of animal rights activists in the last 5 or 6 years and that’s because there is finally a group focusing on it (Horseracing Wrongs) The big national groups would only post a meme on the day of the Kentucky Derby each year asking for a boycott, with no plan or action or reason to do so attached.

      We are so much more than this blog and we are making progress each day. It’s easy to be a voice for the horses (and all animals) in a small (or big) way every day. Protest, call and write to legislators, write a letter to the editor, donate, volunteer. It takes a lot of people to make change and we need to be active every day.

  3. That super billboard should be erected in as many places around the nation as possible—and in other countries where horseracing, along with its gambling seduction, is allowed.

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