Busy Ambulance at Tampa Today

Three horses were ambulanced off the Tampa Bay track today (all within the first six races): 5-year-old Doctor D J in the 1st; 3-year-old Adrianna’s Rocket in the 3rd (this was her debut); and 4-year-old Eagle Keeper in the 6th.

As regular visitors to this site can attest, while not all the “vanned” end up dead, most do. Unfortunately, though, because Florida racing is notoriously furtive, confirmations on any or all of the above will have to wait for my FOIA.

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  1. A five-year-old, a three year old, and a four year old injured and most likely will not be seen alive again. That’s typical for horse racing — injuring and killing horses before they’re even six years old; before their age of maturity. Even though these three horses have not been confirmed dead, or so-called “humanely” euthanized, I am assuming that these three horses are dead for now.

  2. Well, now, Tampa officials: Three? In one day, you say? Pretty impressive. I don’t suppose you want to try to release any details on the types of injuries and their prognoses/outcomes for today’s trio of Vanned Victims, do you?
    No? Didn’t think so. But, hey, thanks for having your highly credible chartwriter mention all of their Horse Hearse rides right there in the comments of each race chart; sure is nice not having to slog through all the fascinating footnotes to find out how many horses you probably killed today.
    Keep up the good work, TBD:(

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