“Explosion Fracture” – Oklahoma, 2021

Through a FOIA request to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2021 (this is part 2; part 1 here). Please note, however, that the Commission forwarded only three stall deaths for the entire year. So, as is the case with many other states, I’m fairly sure we haven’t captured them all.

Lori Darlin, Aug 12, Remington T – “multiple fractures” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

Homine Replegiando, Aug 16, Remington T – “[multiple] displaced fractures” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

Banker Billy, Aug 30, Remington T – “multiple fractures”

Shanghai Sally, Sep 1, Remington T – “fractured ankle”

I’m Bossy, Sep 4, Remington R – “pulled up lame past wire – fractured ankle”

Shes the Beast, Sep 4, Remington R (euthanized Sep 6) – “slab fracture”

Rc 5, Sep 11, Will Rogers R – “open [through the skin] ankle fracture”

Matheson, Sep 20, Remington S – “laminitis, septicemia” (four years old)

Say It Ain’t Soni, Sep 23, Remington R – “pulled up lame – [multiple] fractures”

Oklahoma Fever, Sep 28, Remington T (euthanized Sep 29) – “fractured knee” (five-year-old mare, but being prepped for first race)

She’s All I Need (perhaps sic), Oct 11, Remington T – “explosion fracture”

Got Glee, Oct 20, Remington T – “displaced patella”

Okie Twist, Oct 21, Remington R – “[multiple] fractures”

Onlytimewilltell, Oct 24, Will Rogers T – “[multiple] fractures”

Hello Dottie, Oct 29, Will Rogers R – “fell – fractured back”

Ms Capo de Etta, Oct 29, Will Rogers R – “stumbled – fracture” (two years old, but this was already her fifth race)

Burst of Hope, Nov 4, Remington T – “pulled up lame – condylar fracture”

El Valiant Hero, Nov 5, Will Rogers R – “open [through the skin] fetlock fracture”

Hes Resilient, Nov 7, Will Rogers R – “fractured back/pelvis”

Skip, Nov 9, Remington T – “dropped dead training” (three years old)

Blazin Fonzarelli, Nov 11, Remington T – “condylar fracture” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

Ivory Smokin Gun, Nov 12, Will Rogers R – “slab fracture – multiple fragments”

Don’t Touch My Man, Nov 15, Remington R – “pulled up lame – compound ankle fracture”

Paralyzer, Nov 19, Remington T – “compound ankle fracture” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

Malibu Mo, Dec 10, Remington T – “fractured ankle”

Considerit Doneron, Dec 16, Remington R – “fractured ankle”

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  1. How much noise does an explosion fracture make??? I can’t imagine how anyone can continue to ABUSE horses this way and not care. It takes a very EVIL kind of person to hurt horses day in and day out. This CRUELTY to horses must be punishable by law. No person who does this should be able to get away with it. Horseracing should NOT be given a “green light” to kill horses.

    • Well, we are talking about the same group of people who simply scooped up the guts of a disemboweled filly into a wheelbarrow to clear the track for the remainder of the morning workout. I’m guessing the horse could have literally done a full body explosion under that rider without getting much of an empathetic reaction. These are also the people who send 18 month old babies right to the slaughterhouse because they “aren’t fast enough”.

        • It was eye witness account from a workout rider of a little black filly who ran through the railing and was disemboweled. They honestly did just scoop her guts off the track into a wheelbarrow and carry on with the morning workouts. The story is on this site.

      • I heard the noise in a video of a Thoroughbred filly being run under saddle and rider and her front leg broke, then her other front leg broke. They didn’t refer to the breaking as an explosion fracture though. She didn’t survive the routine abuse long enough to actually be in a race.

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