Louisiana, 2021: 55 Kills – Just Racing

Through a FOIA request to the Louisiana State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2021. Please note, however, that the Commission (as usual) did not forward training or stall deaths. So, obviously, the true toll is greater than the 55 reported below.

Love Train, Jan 25, Louisiana R – “fell – acute [head] trauma”
Weavemeawinr, Feb 4, Delta R – “scapula fracture”
Shinning Time Up, Feb 8, Louisiana R – “[multiple] fractures”
Get the Net, Feb 15, Fair Grounds R – “compound fracture, soft tissue rupture”
Hilton Magic, Feb 16, Fair Grounds R – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
Trichrome, Feb 28, Fair Grounds R – “tibia fracture” (first race)
Sisters Cartel, Mar 6, Louisiana R – “fracture, severed muscle, [bled out]” (first race)
Shaundas First Prize, Mar 7, Louisiana R – “fell – acute displaced fracture”
Route Step, Mar 8, Louisiana R – “bad step at wire – acute fracture” (first race)
Paint I Ain’t, Mar 10, Delta R – “open, compound, displaced fracture”
Jlc Fly Pancho Fly, Mar 13, Louisiana R – “acute displaced fracture” (first race)
Peace Broker, Mar 21, Fair Grounds R – “comminuted, compound, displaced fracture”
Tucker the Grouch, Mar 26, Fair Grounds R – “compound fracture”
Make Me Smile, Mar 27, Fair Grounds R – “compound fracture”
Bombay Shaker, Apr 3, Louisiana R – “[broke both left legs]” (two years old)
Laneys Love, Apr 13, Delta R – “open, comminuted, displaced fracture”
Big Em C, May 1, Evangeline R – “acute displaced fracture”
Swift Shock, May 7, Evangeline R – “displaced fracture”
My Pal Torres, May 15, Evangeline R – “acute displaced fracture” (nine years old)
Brakeaway Dash, May 18, Delta R – “fell – skull [and] spine fractures”
Misty Malice, May 19, Louisiana R – “acute fracture, acute rupture RF” (second race)
Saintsgotrobbed, May 19, Louisiana R – “acute fracture”
Imdusty, May 26, Evangeline R – “acute compound fracture”
Jrs Matteos Tee, May 27, Delta R – “acute displaced fracture”
Cheveyo, Jun 4, Evangeline R – “pulled up in distress, fracture”
Stormy Black, Jun 8, Delta R – “displaced, comminuted fracture”
Mr Copper Wind, Jun 9, Delta R – “displaced, comminuted fracture”
I Want a Picture, Jun 21, Louisiana R – “acute fracture”
Crown Me Jackson, Jun 26, Evangeline R – “fell – open, compound fracture”
Custom Pancho, Jun 27, Louisiana R – “fell – acute open, displaced fracture”
Ce Mi Esperanza, Jun 28, Delta R – “comminuted fracture”
Tf Hez That Guy, Jul 1, Delta R – “displaced tibia fracture” (second race)
Miss Guretta, Jul 8, Evangeline R – “cardiac – died”
R T’s Dude, Jul 9, Evangeline R – “displaced fracture”
Blood Sweat N Beers, Jul 10, Delta R (euthanized Jul 12) – “acute grade 3”
Tiz the Time, Jul 16, Evangeline R – “fell – acute fracture”
Love Conquers, Jul 16, Evangeline R – “collapsed after wire – sudden death”
Mj Cash Train, Jul 20, Delta R – “displaced, comminuted fracture”
Mas O Menos, Jul 21, Evangeline R – “open, displaced fracture”
Miss Ram, Jul 27, Delta R – “grade 4”
Son of Patriot, Aug 5, Evangeline R – “acute open fracture [in gate]”
Mischievous Bull, Aug 7, Evangeline R – “displaced fracture”
Cousin Dario, Aug 28, Evangeline R – “pulled up in distress – acute fracture”
King Zippy, Aug 28, Louisiana R – “[multiple] fractures”
Ray’s Kimua, Sep 6, Louisiana R – “LF fracture”
Violent Ways, Oct 14, Delta R (euthanized Oct 15) – “grade 3”
Briannas Gift, Oct 20, Delta R – “fell – [broke both front legs]” (second race)
Custom Chasse, Oct 28, Delta R – “fell – acute compound fracture” (second race)
Magic Butterfly, Nov 3, Evangeline R – “fell after wire – open fracture” (first race)
Caught His Eye, Nov 12, Delta R – “[injured both front legs]”
Degrasse, Nov 25, Fair Grounds R – “RH fracture”
California Katie, Dec 3, Fair Grounds R – “sudden death” (three years old)
Frank Leroy, Dec 10, Delta R – “open, comminuted fracture”
Bojanglez, Dec 30, Evangeline R – “open, displaced fracture”
Pocket Money, Dec 31, Fair Grounds R – “fractures, pelvis [and] femur” (second race)

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  1. Is this refusal to report all of the RACEHORSES killed by the racing industry state by state the current method of operation to create a false sense of “Horseracing Integrity and Safety” for this morally depraved gambling racket???

    It’s a no-brainer that the horses exploited for racing and wagering revenue (this morally depraved gambling racket) that suffered hideous cruelty in the stalls and during the morning training and were killed by their racing connections (owners/trainers/veterinarians) are/were victims of this immoral, evil activity known as horseracing!!! It’s also a no-brainer that there are and were equine victims of colic, ulcers, and other gastrointestinal issues that cause so much pain and suffering in their stalls. There are no “jolly balls” that will stop this egregious cruelty, pain and suffering to horses exploited as gambling chips.
    There are so many horses exploited for this egregious cruelty and torture of horses that it is also a no-brainer that some horses suffered from founder/laminitis in Louisiana in 2021.

  2. Any horse who dies whilst registered with the relevant horseracing authority is without question a racehorse death. Whether the horse dies when racing on raceday, in training, during a lay-off, being transported, in a vet clinic or in his stall is neither here nor there. The death is a racehorse death and a fact which the industry simply cannot deny. And an undeniable statistic.

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