Let’s Not Forget This in the Debate: Grants Pass Kills Horses Too

Through a FOIA request to the Oregon Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2021. Please note, Grants Pass is the only commercial track left in Oregon; it ran 34 full days last year. (There were also about a dozen days of fair racing.) That said, the lack of stall deaths and but one training death is, in the literal sense of the word, incredible. (The FOIA came with this: “Our senior state vet confirmed that we had no in-stall deaths.”) In short, it is my firm position that the five kills below were not the only ones in the state of Oregon last year.

Miss Mozart, May 11, Grants Pass R – “comminuted fractures with disarticulation”
Miss Mozart was five years old and under the whip for the 12th time.

Whiskeygetmefriskey, May 17, Grants Pass T – “open tibia fracture”
Whiskeygetmefriskey was three years old.

Loosin My Lover, Jun 28, Grants Pass R – “broken thoracic vertebrae”
Loosin My Lover was five years old and under the whip for the 23rd time.

Ez Moveslikejagger, Jul 5, Grants Pass R – “fractured scapula”
Ez Moveslikejagger was three years old and under the whip for the very first time.

Sr Mighty Leader Jet, Jul 17, Crooked River R – “fractured humerus”
Sr Mighty Leader Jet was seven years old and under the whip for the 16th time.

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  1. In around 2011 The ORC almost shut down Grant`s Pass due to the almost daily breakdowns during races & training in the mornings.Now its the only commercial track in Oregon.Just think of what good all those $$ Travis Boersma has spent on this 1/2 mile Bull Ring track could have done being used for improving education or developing real industries instead of just a venue for a “crooked , crummy , gamboling game”.

    • It is emotionally draining to think of the abuse and torture of horses for a morally depraved gambling business! Horseracing is Felony Animal Cruelty. Pari-Mutuel wagering is the Siamese Twin of horseracing. The animal abusers in horseracing belong in prison.
      This whole industry is a man-made disaster AND a blight on society.
      Many other types of businesses could provide jobs that would contribute to the common good of the communities and the economy in the State of Oregon. With Pari-mutuel wagering on horses as gambling chips, the communities will need even more social programs because the people will go wanting for basic necessities. The minimum wage will always be the equivalent of scraping the bottom of the barrel whether it’s $7.00+ or $15.00 per hour.
      The trainers, grooms and others who go to Oregon will most likely travel to and from Emerald Downs in Washington state and the California racetracks. There is no virtue in gambling and Animal Cruelty.

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