Mouth Watering Killed at Plainridge

Through a FOIA request to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, I have confirmed the following death at Plainridge, the only commercial track left in the state. A couple notes: Plainridge, a harness track, is a racino, meaning it only exists because it is being propped up by subsidies. The MA Thoroughbred people have been desperately trying to resurrect flat racing since Suffolk Downs closed in 2019; we, along with local activists, have been able to beat them back each time (and will continue to do so).

Mouth Watering, Sep 13: “Mouth Watering was pacing in the 4th race at Plainridge. She sustained a severe comminuted fracture of P1 with varying sized fragments. She was treated with dormosedan and xylazine. Once the severity of the injury was assessed, she was euthanized with 100 mL of pentobarbital. She had been racing regularly at Plainridge and Saratoga Harness in NY.”


  1. Racing regularly at two different racetracks in two different states and now she’s dead because that’s what they call “horsemanship” in this industry. The breeding farms need to stop producing more horses just so they can exploit them as “money-makers” in racing and wagering, stud fees and selling the foals. If they were smart, they would grow plant crops or do something else that is for the common good of society. If they were smart…

    • Right on Wanda …. we need more people who do things for the good of society!!!! People should understand you never know when maybe your turn will come up in need of help!

  2. And certainly murdering horses benefits NO ONE! It’s murder because they know damn well what they are doing!

    • Right, Bonnie, and the money/revenue the so-called horsemen, namely the various groups including the HBPA (National and state by state), get through the wagering handle only makes society worse off. How many stories have you heard of someone gambling their paychecks away until they lose everything? The racing industry feeds off of the propensity of some individuals to be cursed with the addiction to gamble. When that doesn’t feed their insatiable appetite for more money, more money, more money then they are there demanding subsidies that in turn drains society of even more of the basic necessities. Greed is a vicious monster.

      • Yes Wanda it is an insidious addiction. Unfortunately I have had some people close to me who were gambling addicts,it literally makes you despise them. It’s disgusting and you can’t stop them …. they are sick.

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