A Kill at Great Falls (Yes, They Race Horses in Montana)

Through a FOIA request to the Montana Department of Commerce, I have confirmed the following kill in the 5th race at Great Falls on July 24 of last year:

A Royal Ace – “pulled up on the backside, fractured ankle, euthanized”
A Royal Ace was four years old; this was her 14th time under the whip.

Note: Montana had nine days of live racing in 2021.

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  1. How pathetic is that? …. they barely race and yet they STILL find a way to murder these innocent creatures.

    • A ROYAL ACE survived other racetracks in other states that have more racing days and kill more horses and yet she is run to death in Montana in a Claiming race. She was a California-bred born on March 31, 2017. Only despicable people in a despicable industry that is egregiously cruel and sadistic to horses would think that this is okay. This barbaric industry needs to be outlawed! She was not even given the chance to live long enough to be considered a mature mare. She was only 4-years-old. She was killed two years before horses reach the age of maturity. There is seriously something wrong with people who can do this and do it again and again as if it is normal. THIS **** is NOT normal.

  2. I was just now catching up on some local smaller papers, one paper that covers counties just outside Philadelphia,anyway there was a big article about how rents have gone sky high,causing many to not be able to keep up with utilities and basic food. Gee, that subsidies monies sure could go to help citizens of Pa. … ya think! 🙄

    • This is a national trend. In some areas, greedy real estate developers don’t want “affordable housing” developments because it is not profitable enough for their greedy selves. They want their “investments” to be so over-the-top expensive to buyers and renters that it’s criminal. Housing is insanely high. In some areas where they need teachers, for example, the housing market is out of reach for the teacher. It’s insane. Google Boise, Idaho housing and teachers. It’s outrageous and from what I’ve heard there are other places that are even worse. Idaho doesn’t subsidize horseracing so for PA, NY and other states that do subsidize horseracing, it has to be an even worse kick in the teeth. Inflation and supply chain shortages just make it worse. There is too much greed and too many tax breaks to multi-billionaires for things to be balanced out.

      • Wanda, I was referring to the prop up money the casinos get for the evil horse racing, that money should be going to the citizens of Pa., but again, the taxpayers have to raise hell and take action and organize to remedy the totally wrong situation!!!!!!!

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