Off Over a Year, Mare Brought Back and Killed at Belmont

Minit Maus, says the Gaming Commission, “pulled up lame at 7/8 pole on [Belmont] training track” Tuesday – “ambulanced to barn and euthanized.” She was five years old, but she hadn’t been raced since Dec 2020. The two most likely possibilities for this gap: She was off bringing another slave into this rotten industry; it had something to do with her 10th-place finish in that race. No matter, she’s dead either way.

This is horseracing.

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  1. They probably gave her time off due to lameness. Poor mare should have been retired to a good home instead these blood sucking owners wanted to try to make money off of her one more time.
    Trainer should have known better since he has years of experience, instead he went along with the owners wishes. Her blood is on their hands. Vile

  2. The New York Racing Association can be real proud of their despicable, disgusting selves for facilitating the abuse and torture of horses including this mare, MINIT MAUS. She didn’t deserve this abuse and neglect by her connections. The trainer, Gary Sciacca, has a record of being a racehorse “trainer” that goes back to 1981. They all should be arrested for FELONY ANIMAL ABUSE and convicted and sentenced to a “life” behind bars.
    The members of the NYRA and the deceitfully named Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association should all be in prison. All of the the Video Lottery Terminal payments should be going to the things that are deteriorating in New York such as infrastructure and education. These vile, horse-abusing, horse-killing, psychopathic narcissistic, money-grubbing monsters that exploit horses for racing and wagering revenue are guilty of fraud and deception besides ANIMAL CRUELTY.
    They all should have to trade in their suits and ties for organge jumpsuits.
    Number 2 (two) on the National HBPA web page under the heading of Mission there is this:

    “2. Encouraging the highest standards of horsemanship to continuously improve the care, health and safety of the horse.”

    There is nothing about horseracing that exhibits a role model for true horsemanship!!!! This is an example of the fraud and deception. The horses are subject to daily routine abuse and neglect in horseracing.

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