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I received the following on Saturday and Monday, respectively. Needless to say, they made my day(s). Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart. (The first wishes to remain entirely anonymous, the second partially.)

I’ve been a racing fan since high school. I live near Saratoga Race Course and have been there many, many times. As an animal lover, I subconsciously knew the evils of the racing game, but never wanted to admit it. But Medina Spirit was the last straw. I surfed the web and came upon several anti-horseracing and animal-rights sites. I found yours to be the best and it is now on my cell home screen. As a result of staying home more often due to covid, I rescued two cats [below]. Looking at those two beautiful creatures and reading your articles about the cruelty of horseracing made me see the light. I closed my Off Track Betting account and will never watch a horse race again. Thank you.

Dear Mr. Battuello,

Thank you for your website about racehorses. I had heard that the owners of racehorses didn’t treat their horses right, but I didn’t know the details until I read your website. I grew up in Tennessee and I LOVE horses! I love the smell and everything about them.

Until your article, my husband, William, and I had planned to go to a Kentucky Derby just to let me see the precious majestic animals. After reading your articles, I will NOT GO, for sure not! Please keep up the good work! It means a lot to see the truth with great explanation. I know it is the truth because I know, unfortunately, people have an insatiable desire for money, regardless of the cost, and gamblers are the worst offenders, not to mention the people that cater to them.

Thank you again for your website and the excellent information! Please keep it available for people like us.

With my kindest regards,

Nancy J., Georgia

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  1. Completely understand the letter writers’ desire to stay (at least partially) anonymous. There’s A LOT of, shall we say…”unsavory” individuals in this sick game, and I think they’re getting more defensive and hostile to us — and everyone whom they perceive as taking their horse-killing anti-sport away.
    That said, our position is not even fringe anymore; it’s mainstream. The “extremist fringe” are the ones who still support racing animals to their deaths for gamblers’ amusement. THEY’RE the ones who should be — and ARE — making themselves anonymous.

    • Hey Alan, boy did I get lucky,I adopted a shelter kitten recently …really she was more of a teenager,as she was about 5 months old,did we get lucky with her,as we have never had a cat,she is so docile and just as lovey dovey as a dog. She’s actually more dog-like than cat. Like I said,we got unbelievably lucky.

  2. Your notes to Patrick made my day. I am a former owner who has witnessed first hand the abuse these magnificent animals are subjected to. The casual observer has no idea how truly vile this industry is..Thank you both for your courage in coming forward.

  3. It is wonderful to see this site is having such a positive impact. People are waking up to the inherent cruelty of racing.
    Also, it was gratifying to see two lucky cats found a home. Thank you, Patrick, for posting their picture.

  4. Thank God news about Horseracing is spreading and we all are becoming aware of the truth in front and behind the scenes — THANK YOU, Nancy – let’s keep spreading the word.

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