Fractured Knee/Euthanized on Track After “Big Debut for Win”

Through a FOIA request to the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2021:

Hesturbo, Jun 5, Energy R – “collapsed on path after race”
(two years old, first race)

Lotta Jb, Jun 19, Wyoming R – “shattered knee”
(two years old, second race)

Carter Gunner (probably sic), Jul 3, Wyoming T – unspecified

Black Mountain Dust, Jul 10, Wyoming R – “collapsed, died on track”
(two years old, third race)

Funnie Tune, Jul 18, Wyoming R – “fractured knee, euthanized on track”
(three years old; chart said: “no excuse”)

Relentless Oatman, Aug 7, Wyoming R – “fractured knee, euthanized on track”
(two years old, first race; chart said: “big debut for win”)

Nurse Giggles, Aug 14, Wyoming R – “fractured knee”
(two years old, third race)

Empire’s Shadow, Sep 19, Sweetwater R – “fractured sesamoid, euthanized on track”
(three years old)

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  1. Sometimes I think part of their brains are missing, when I read these reports of brutality against horses. How can people who do this to horses call themselves horsemen? This is NOT HORSEMANSHIP. This is vile abuse and torture of horses! The barbarians and so-called cowboys that can do this to horses need to be locked up for animal ABUSE!!!!

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