Filly Killed at Belmont

From the Gaming Commission, January 25, Belmont Park: “Derby Kisses [was] lame after galloping this morning; x-rays showed she suffered a complete P1 fracture…[euthanized].” The 2-year-old Derby was to be raced for the fourth time tomorrow. She is already the fifth kill at a NYRA track this year, an inconvenient fact that, in the context of the ongoing Baffert hearing, will be examined a bit closer later today.

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  1. How much more EVIL and CRUEL can these lazy sacks of s**t get? They are lazy people who abuse and kill animals for a “living”.

  2. The killing will continue along with the misery because racing is autonomous. There are no consequences no matter how many horse they kill.
    And Out for Justice finished 6th of nine in the 8th at Turf Paradise/Hell on the 25th. Looks like a claiming circus with 3 claims for that race ( low level / bottom feeder paradise!! )
    Out for Justice was not one of the claims.
    I made calls to the officials on the 25th to voice my concern re overworking the horse. Also spoke to the state vet. Dr. Gale.

  3. Oh no. The NY Gaming Commission admitted another fatality? We all know what that means: it’s time for the California “regulators” to match that with their OWN dead-horse entry, on their (super-scientific, highly respected, not-exclusionary-at-all) Equine Fatalities List. (The CHRB always tries to keep it real with their “public” dead-horse count;)
    So, anyway, I popped over to both sites. And, lo and behold (whatever that means), the CHRB has (again) switched up and altered its system for us all, the concerned, animal-loving public. They’ve helpfully split all their ADMITTED horse deaths into two, incredibly important (ha ha) categories:

    1. Musculoskeletal – These are their basic, run-of-the-mill, horror-show killings, where their victims suffer horrendous, disfiguring fractures and soft tissue traumas that must be hidden from public view as the poor animals struggle to right themselves before they’re “humanely” euthanized.
    2. Non-Musculoskeletal and Other – these are usually the more “convenient” for them to report — sudden deaths, sicknesses and so-called accidents which are generally, but not always, out of public view, so they don’t always make the news. Every now and then, though, a big-name horse up and dies (Suspiciously? Nah.) and the CHRB has to pretend it’s a normal occurrence for a baby to keel over without benefit of, um, pharmacological assistance. In these cases, it’s critically important to establish that NO ONE IN RACING is at fault for these deaths(!). “They just happen. Not a thing in the world we can do about it. Horses are fragile!”

    So, again, I commend the esteemed Board, for keeping an eye out for all the abused animals they represent, and making themselves so accessible to the public. This new system should help immensely (*wink).
    Oh, and RIP to poor Derby Kisses, aaaaaall the way across the nation, in the ONE racing jurisdiction that at least TRIES to uphold transparency in its racehorse death reporting.

  4. As anyone that actually cares about horses would know, 2-year-old horses should not be forced to run carrying weight!!! Ground training, or teaching horses basic commands from the ground with no person on their back, is appropriate at 18 months of age. Riding two-year-old horses and demanding that they run fast while carrying the weight of a whip-wielding jockey is just ABUSE AND TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE!!!!
    Racing is totally ABUSE of horses. Forcing 2-year-old, still growing, NOT YET FULLY DEVELOPED, horses to perform as though they were adult horses is STUPID AND CRUEL and leads to breakdowns. The racing industry participants and STAKEHOLDERS don’t care! The demented lack of compassion and empathy for the horses in horseracing is evident. The stakeholders in HORSERACING are engaged in criminal activities for the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. This is egregious cruelty to horses!!!!!!! IT MUST BE PUNISHED AND DEFUNDED!!!!! The STOPPING of the Video Lottery Terminal payments to horseracing in New York needs to happen NOW!

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