“Traumatic Injury After Collision With Inside Rail”

Through a FOIA request to the Idaho State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kill in 2021. Please note, however, that Idaho’s last remaining commercial track, Les Bois Park, closed in 2016. What’s left are state and county fairs, which combined had less than 25 days of racing last year.

Wall Streete, Sep 25, Pocatello R
“traumatic injury after collision with inside rail; medication used: Euthasol”
Wall Streete was two years old.

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  1. It’s very sickening that anyone claiming to be a horseman or a horsewoman or a horse person could be so demented that they would engage in this egregious cruelty and stupidity that causes fatal injuries to any horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If the so-called horsemen who put money over morals in Idaho had funding from anything else besides Pari-Mutuel gambling and whatever funds their associations can provide from some sort of almost “baked foods sale” type of fundraisers, there would be more horses listed here as injured and subsequently killed. Horse racing kills horses always. It’s the nature of the game. No TRUE HORSEMAN who has the capacity to truly care enough about the horse would subject any horse to the stupidity and cruelty of racing and wagering.
    Horseracing is absolutely unnecessary and insanely barbaric.

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