Not Just Medina: Three More “Sudden Deaths” in California

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on 2021 kills. (I will be posting in installments.)

Square Dreamer, Jul 9, Golden Gate T
“open, comminuted fracture of MCIII”
“open fractures, [multiple] sesamoids”
“complete ruptures, [multiple] ligaments”
“chronic gastric ulcerations”
Square Dreamer was four years old.

(Note all the ridiculous redactions – ridiculous because these horses have already been identified by the CHRB on its database.)

Made in Karoo, Oct 7, Golden Gate S
“severe weight loss, rapid onset depression, head tilt with seizure”
“meningoencephalitis with hemorrhage”
“severe, necrotizing gastroenteritis”
Made in Karoo was three years old.

Kakistocracy, Oct 14, Santa Anita T
“Sudden death – post work. Rider stated horse went into trot quickly, was weak behind and then collapsed – abdominal and retroperitoneal hemorrhage.” Kakistocracy was five years old.

Favorite Doc, Oct 16, Los Alamitos R
“Horse jogging back after race, fell and died suddenly – abundant foam in the tracheal lumen.” Favorite Doc was three years old.

Electric Ride, Oct 16, Santa Anita T
“Horse worked this morning…sudden death following IV vitamin administration…flipped over…died.” Electric Ride was two years old.

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  1. The necropsies are always gruesome, but it is even more disturbing to try to imagine what the horses felt before death. Forcing young horses to perform as though they were adults is cruel and sadistic!!!! Forcing horses to perform as racehorses and as though they are/were machines is not true horsemanship!!!!
    The “stakeholders” in this industry have to be psychopaths in order to be involved in this egregiously CRUEL practice of horse abuse. They would have to be focused on the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS involved in the WAGERING, purse money and the buying, selling, and reproduction of horses for racing/wagering, breeding and the slaughterhouse. Also, how much money is the company that sells illegal milkshake race injection for horses and camels making? There has to be a lot of money involved in the process of deliberately doping and drugging horses. The manufacturing and selling of drugs, both legal and illegal, is huge, especially for psychopathic stakeholders interested in the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS involved.
    Any “trainer” that “trains” horses for racing and commends the veterinarian that did the opposite on the racetrack of what he said he would do in his public statement as far as protecting horses has to be just as corrupt as the corrupt veterinarian himself. Jeff Blea did not protect horses. Instead, he had a part in causing the deaths of racehorses by illegal doping and lying about it. It is not honesty or integrity to do what the racing participants do to horses. Horses that receive care that is truly amazing are not confined to a stall for 23 hours a day and do not have injuries as the ones described above. There is no justification for this egregious cruelty to horses that could even remotely come under the definition of honesty or integrity or TRUE HORSEMANSHIP.

  2. Patrick i am a CHRB licensed trainer and I support your efforts in behalf of our young horses used for racing. Thank you!

    • I wouldn’t be bragging about being licensed by the CHRB, Gail. They’ve bottomed-out in the credibility department.
      *Oh, but I highly recommend the state of Florida if you wish to continue your horse racing “career.” Their racing commission is pretty much nonexistent:)

      • Bragging? I stated a fact. Some of us involved in horse racing are more disgusted than are you with the completely avoidable suffering and deaths of our young horses used for racing. That fact is inconvenient for you.

        • By all means, stay in the game you love that also disgusts you, Gail. It won’t be “inconvenient” for me at all when you have to move out of state.
          Ballot measure’s comin’ to Cali first, tick tock:)

          • Who told you I “love the game”.? You are sitting in the Peanut Gallery pretending to know what you are talking about. Your ignorance makes you part of the problem. The horses used for racing need people who are informed with facts to speak out. By spewing lies you are destroying your credibility and rendering yourself useless to the horses. Attacking people who are in the trenches of the battle while you sit comfortably in your chair at home reveals that your ego is bigger than your brain. Work with facts if you really want to advocate for change in behalf of the horses.

            • I’m happy to “work with facts.” It’s the reason I support Horseracing Wrongs. Patrick’s standards of reporting — unlike every single member of the racing press, who are essentially paid mouthpieces for your industry — are above reproach and unassailable. I suspect that’s why you’re constantly parading on to this site, of all places, to promote yourself.
              So, good luck to you, Gail (seriously); with horse racing in California, you’re certainly going to need it.

          • Who said I “love” horse racing? Do you think soldiers “love” war? You are discrediting the efforts of Horseracing Wrongs when you spew false information about the people in the trenches fighting for change while you sit in a chair at home making false allegations.. For How many horses have you removed from a racetrack and found good homes?

            • How many? Exactly ZERO. I have one OTTB, whom I purchased (not rescued), after he was lucky enough to be too bad at racing, LOL. I’ve never pretended otherwise. (I like to think that, because I’ve never PUT any abused animals on any racetracks, I’m not responsible for their “removal.” But you are free to “rescue” to your heart’s content, while actively contributing to the disgusting unwanted horse problem.)

  3. Dear GOD I hope they don’t use just the Euthasol (had to look it up – its only active ingredient is phenobarbital) – but I bet they do. Even Square Dreamer’s humane euthanasia wasn’t humane. Heartless bastards.

    Made in Karoo – “severe, necrotizing gastroenteritis” – his insides were rotting.

    More evidence of the horses’ Royal Treatment in this Sport of Kings.

    • The pain of gastroenteritis would be unbearable in a human being. It requires immediate medical attention. There is so much suffering that the horses are forced to endure! It’s mind boggling to think that these things are going on every day at racetracks where horses are forced to endure the most excruciating pain in silence. The degree of abuse and torture forced on the horses is just mind boggling! There are so many unanswered questions!

    • I need to make a correction – Made in Karoo was a filly. God she suffered. Made to begin racing at only two years old under Peter Miller/Gary Barber. And the usual story…dropped down in the claiming races, becoming one of the countless “cheap claimers” that are denied basic care and treatment – to the point of SEVERE NECROTIZING gastroenteritis. That didn’t f’ing happen overnight.

      Little bay filly, you deserved so, so much more.

      • She was seriously neglected by her connections. The severity of the conditions she suffered could be categorized as ACUTE NEGLECT. The CHRB should be on trial for the severity of the neglect of the horses as well as all of the other things that they are doing or not doing in their quest for the protection of the “stakeholders” at the expense of the horses. They facilitate this EGREGIOUS abuse and neglect.

        • Agree Wanda – except what Karoo suffered was abuse, not mere neglect. I cannot IMAGINE her physical pain and mental stress. I have no doubt that she revealed signs of her suffering…and for much longer than a day or two.

          • Yes, Joy, there absolutely was ABUSE involved on a daily basis and the fact that they refused proper medical care to her was a degree of such exceptionally severe NEGLECT that it’s unbelievable! This daily practice of ABUSE AND NEGLECT of racehorses is not something that can be reformed. Horseracing needs to be outlawed and shut down completely!!!! Everyone involved in this egregious cruelty to horses should be punished according to laws that evidently don’t exist or, if they do exist, are not being enforced.

  4. Patrick, this piece of information and more importantly the responses to it should be forwarded to proper authorities. Even the most unknowlegeble medical persons can realize the extent of these injuries that befell these horses.

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