Animal Cruelty Under the Law? You Bet.

The 7-year-old mare Lookin Kinda Crazy was raced in a $5,000 claimer (all horses “For Sale,” cheap) at Parx yesterday. It was her 41st time under the whip; there is a high likelihood it was also her last. The chart says she “took a bad step and fell at the sixteenth pole.” As you watch, you’ll see that Lookin was hopelessly bringing up the rear throughout the entire race – right up, that is, till she “made a move” about twenty seconds prior to going down. What propelled this sudden burst? Multiple whip strikes, of course, from jockey Joel Cruz.

At a minimum, it is apparent that Mr. Cruz violated 5533 in Pennsylvania’s cruelty statutes: “A person commits an offense if the person intentionally, knowingly or recklessly illtreats, overloads, beats, abandons or abuses an animal.” But if in fact Lookin is dead, 5534 – a felony, by the way – should apply: “A person commits an offense if the person intentionally or knowingly…violates section…5533 causing serious bodily injury to the animal or the death of the animal.” Perhaps a bit of edification/pressure is in order?

Office of the District Attorney, Bucks County (Matt Weintraub)
Office of Attorney General, Pennsylvania (Josh Shapiro)
Bensalem Police Department: 215-633-3719

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  1. “That was a stumble there towards the back of the field…” LOOKIN KINDA CRAZY went down face first in the dirt.
    That stumble was more like the beginning of a somersault, face down in the dirt for horse and rider. It looked like something was probably broken in her left front to me and she could not continue to hold weight on her left front. I’m guessing a sesamoid bone, but I could be mistaken. Whatever the injury or injuries were that LOOKIN KINDA CRAZY suffered, she went down hard and fast and I doubt very much that she will ever reappear on any racetrack. It makes me wonder if the force of hitting the ground with head and face first is enough to cause fractures in the neck also. It seems like a fractured vertebra or vertebrae is very possible!
    I think the racing people in Pennsylvania could possibly argue that the Jockey’s use of the Riding Crop on this mare would constitute “uniform use of the Riding Crop” which is disgusting!!!!!
    This mare was injured badly and suffered egregiously for this demented lack of compassion for horses!!!!! Who knows if she is still suffering excruciating pain or euthanized?

  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    I will be writing and phoning the contacts above.
    It’s the least I can do, but is it possible for HRW to get a petition going with multiple signatures?
    There has never been a legal challenge in court under our Felony Animal Cruelty charges regarding beating a racehorse into the ground sometimes causing death.
    We all just assume that horse racing can get away with this and I truly think that if an example like this, and plenty more, were brought before a jury they would be found guilty of Felony Animal Cruelty charges.
    Also, my attorney is preparing a statement, on my behalf, to the California Vet Board re: Dr. Baker with whom I had a couple of run-ins with back when I was an Associate Steward.
    Although I can’t disclose the details suffice it to say that the current allegations are well-founded.
    Who comes out swinging against the current charges?
    Well all of the horse racing apologists and parasites who stand to lose their millions while killing racehorses with little to no scrutiny.
    Furthermore, true to industry form, the breeder of Medina Spirit, Gail Rice, has come out rallying and defending horse racing although she’s apparently crying over his death.
    Gail Rice you are a disgusting human being and, furthermore, why don’t you ask whether Medina Spirit had an equine insurance policy in place?
    Incidentally, he did and people are overlooking what seems to be the obvious.

  3. Animal cruelty under the law? – absolutely. But not in horseracing…whipping horses is expected and fines can be imposed if not whipped enough. What a great sport, eh?

  4. Yes, I like that idea of a petition from Horseracing Wrongs to bring attention to this particular incident of animal cruelty to a mare named LOOKIN KINDA CRAZY even though there have been and will continue to be so many thousands of horses treated with abuse, the kind of abuse that this industry regards as “love” or some such disgusting falsehood!
    The video of Amber Cobb abusing a young horse circulated widely and PETA brought a lot of attention to that. I think it was due, at least in part, to the efforts and support of that organization that Amber Cobb’s license to train racehorses was REVOKED. The fact that she violated the conditions of her suspension was a factor, I’m sure. There seems to be a lot of litigation against certain horseracing industry participants going on now with so much corruption being pursued by the authorities.
    I would definitely sign another petition by Horseracing Wrongs to bring attention to this unacceptable and inhumane treatment of horses. Litigation against Parx for abusing and deliberately causing injuries to horses would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A huge problem with the racing industry is the autonomy it has “enjoyed” over the years.
      It successfully put forth and perpetrated the sham of the horse as a loved and pampered animal. To this day most people think the race horse is well cared for.
      The Amber Cobb case is but ONE example of how wrong it is to allow this corrupt industry to continue to police itself and suspend animal cruelty laws.
      It took a huge effort and outcry to put a stop to this sadist’s spree of obscene animal cruelty. The outrageous decision by the commission to allow her to continue her career of animal brutality would have stood but for the publicity and the fact she violated the terms of her joke of a suspension.
      This corrupt, incestuous industry makes its own rules, decides when to enforce these rules, conducts investigations and acts as judge and jury!!

      • “To this day most people think the racehorse is well cared for” – EXACTLY, Rose – they’ve been fed the lies for years and thus why HW and the truth it exposes about horseracing is so important.

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