Horseracing Kills – All Over

One of our international partners, Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses New Zealand, has made the following video. It speaks for itself.

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  1. The barbaric STEEPLECHASE speaks for itself,doesn’t it? Anywhere, any field, any civilized all boils down to the same result.

  2. One of the things I remember is when something like this happens while being broadcast on National TV, a horse goes down and dies, they justify it by saying that what a wonderful life the horse had. Being a racehorse is such a wonderful life because the horse was treated so well and all that b*******.– standard racing playbook b*******! Anyway they justify it on national television as well. The man stands in front of the camera and talks this crap about what a wonderful life the horse had and supposedly would never have had such a wonderful life if he had not been a racehorse.
    It’s always with the bullshit of trying to make it sound like it’s okay because the horse had such a great life. It’s enough to make a person angry and nauseated at the same time!

      • Nancy, I believe the man making the public relations speech was not the owner or the trainer but rather another person, some type of industry spokesperson, to justify the existence of steeplechase racing and the killing of horses that goes with it. It was broadcast by analog transmission on free antenna TV in the 1990s.

  3. I’m based in the UK and we have a site similar to this, called Animal Aid which also reports all racehorse injuries and fatalities in the UK. We have both flat racing and jump racing, with famous races including the Grand National. Our horse racing industry is as equally corrupt and horrifying as yours, we too have racehorses being sent to slaughter on a regular basis, in fact they even bring them over from Ireland so the UK slaughterhouses can do the deed instead of killing them in Ireland.

  4. Can’t watch it. Since 2008 i researched jumps racing in Victoria and South Australia for many years investigating the deaths, the injuries and jumps horses disappearing. Racing Victoria announced it would faze it out over 3 years and then did the big backflip. Cannot count the number of replays I had to look at… it just does something to you and I cannot not unsee what I saw.

    • Carolyn, I assume that you saw it on a larger screen than a small, handheld cell phone so you would have seen more details besides it was not condensed and edited?

      • Yes, Wanda, i’d watch the majority of them live but as time went on they would take the camera off quickly if a horse went down. I was monitoring many of them and red flagged some and write to the relevant racing authorities who’d respond with their usual crap. However, on one occasion i emailed the then chief steward of Racing Victoria with substantial evidence from stewards’ reports indicating that a horse was not coping and that i had justifiable concerns in lodging the complaint. Only about 40 minutes prior to race start, he responded and ordered a vetting of that horse who was passed fit to start. After one of the jumps horse fell but survived, then he was never seen on a racetrack again. This particular chief steward spoke publicly in the media about the terrible whipping of the 2 year olds in flat racing and dished out considerable penalties to jockeys and trainers. He was not popular with some in the industry 😉
        Then one day gunshots were fired into his home in Melbourne, thankfully he, his wife and children were not home. I believe he was offered a position in an overseas jurisdiction.

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