“Returned Bleeding From the Nostrils” – This Is Horseracing

Last week on U.S. flat tracks (racing only):

Sf Hold Tight “fell, DNF” at Evangeline
Favorite Doll “went bad, vanned off” at Penn
Chest Candy “bled, vanned off” at Turf
Jessbye Train “vanned off” at Evangeline
Honorable Service “fell, vanned off” at Penn
Hot Carol “bled, vanned off” at Gulfstream
Madamoussepousse “returned bleeding from the nostrils” at Turfway
Cheyenne’s Colonel “vanned off” at Gulfstream
Silver Matt “vanned off” at Gulfstream
Wild Wes “fell over fallen rival, DNF” at Hawthorne
Kroy “vanned off” at Tampa Bay

While not all the “vanned” end up dead, most do, as borne out by our year-end FOIA reports. But even if death is not the ultimate result, the above are victims nonetheless, suffering painful injuries – in the case of the bleeders, pulmonary hemorrhage – so that some men may gamble, others chase pots of gold. (For any new confirmed deaths during the week, please see our running annual list.)


  1. Horseracing itself is a man-made disaster!!!! The horses are forced to endure pain and suffering which makes horseracing despicable and despised!!!! Anyone who has an ounce of compassion for horses would automatically hate this unacceptable abuse of horses for wagering revenue and purse money and stud fees, etc. The inhumane treatment of horses for racing and wagering or any other activity is entirely wrong and unacceptable!!!!
    This egregious cruelty to horses must be outlawed and be made punishable by law!!!!!!
    Speaking of punishment, for a “licensed veterinarian” to have his/her license to practice veterinary medicine revoked for administering drugs not appropriate to the health of the horses is a start! This cheaters game of using Performance Enhancing Drugs on racehorses IS ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!! It’s all about the money. These greedy, psychopathic animal abusers belong in prison for a very long time!!!! Five years is a start, but adding 99 years to that would be great!!!!!

  2. Its time for this abuse and cruelty to end.
    Lets close this disgusting chapter of Bronze Age entertainment based on Greed.

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