“Pulled Up Bad, Vanned Off,” Dead

A few days ago, I posted about L C Zero’s result in the 8th at Mahoning Dec 22: “pulled up bad, vanned off.” This, as I noted, came after she “won” that race. I can now confirm that L C is indeed dead – euthanized the following day. (That they tried to save her comes as no surprise: L C had “earned” almost $40,000 in her final two races, both wins.) She was three years old.


  1. How sad and tragic for the poor, driven-to-death three-year-old. Government subsidies must stop funding the torture and exploitation of horses in this so called “sport”. Dark money must also be cut off by electing humane representatives in state and federal offices who will go after the criminals that profit from exploiting innocent animals.
    I believe horseracing must be choked off at the top. Informing fans helps, but it takes too long to wake up the callous people. We must get the profit-seeking officials out of government.

  2. They didn’t take long to kill her off. This is sickening!!!! She has a total of 3 (three) career starts and two workouts listed. She was raced on October 25, November 24, and December 22. All three races were in 2021. This is December 26, 2021 and L C ZERO is confirmed dead. This is so unnecessary and insanely barbaric!!!! All for greedy, narcissistic and psychopathic human participants involved in a dark subculture that should be punished by law, not rewarded with government funding!!!! The general public needs to know that horseracing is INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES and must be punishable by law!!!! Stop the funding!!! STOP the CORPORATE WELFARE to Animal Cruelty also known as horseracing!!!!

  3. I watched the replay of this race, and the horse was essentially being dragged back, being forced to try to trot, by the pony, with the jockey on board. Only when she began to look really lame did they finally stop and the jockey hopped off.
    Maybe if he would’ve hopped off when she “pulled up bad”, she could’ve been saved. Instead they made sure she was good and broken.
    Oh, and she was 6 lengths ahead and he was still hitting her.
    Legalized horse abuse.

      • TOTALLY agree Rose. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again …..when I leave this world I will not have a good opinion of people. MOST people suck ass.

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