Filly Becomes 74th NYRA Victim This Year

In the 1st at Aqueduct Thursday, Sweet Mary Lou, says the chartwriter, “raced at the rear, suffered an injury” and was eventually “vanned off.” This kind of write-up – the “injury/vanned off” combo – almost always portends death. And indeed that is exactly what happened, although the Gaming Commission’s notification does leave an open question: “horse was pulled up…apparently injured…and vanned off; horse later died.” So, did Sweet just up and die, or was she euthanized? In the end, I suppose, it doesn’t really matter. Another young horse has been killed – the 74th at a NYRA track this year, 103rd at all NY tracks – for $2 bets. Vile.

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  1. What, did she WILL herself to die, maybe to expose all the human monsters in this sick game? Absurd as that is, it’s fitting that Sweet Mary Lou took her last breath on this earth in NY, of all places. New York state: the ONLY racing jurisdiction in the country with mandatory public racehorse death reporting requirements; everybody else just zips up and pretends it never happens.

    So, Goodbye, poor baby Mary Lou. All the other human creeps in the biz will still pretend this kind of horror doesn’t occur in their own horse-killing states. But it’s getting harder and harder for them to hide the results of all their carnage.

    • This evil a**h**e business probably just killed a gorgeous white filly. Nancy, you are going to be very upset.(your white horses). I’m sorry but, I CANNOT take this EVIL shit anymore. And she had one of THE most abusive riders on her back. How many more innocent HORSES must die? Shut this EVIL down now. Go get a REAL job you losers.

  2. According to the false narrative of horseracing industry participants, their famous big fat lie is that the horses “love to run” and/or “love to race” but while carrying the weight of the saddle and the WHIP-WIELDING JOCKEY. So it seems logical that the chartwriter representing this morally depraved gambling and horse-abusing-and-deliberately-causing-injuries-to-horses-on-purpose business would mysteriously lead people to believe that the horse in question died on his/her own. Why? Because the horse loved dying as much as racing and being whipped by the Jockey??? Would you not love to die because you enjoyed being forced by people who had complete control over you to run as fast as you possibly could until you were so exhausted and out of breath that you could not take another step???
    Of course….

  3. Junior Alvarado … will never pull a horse in distress up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will always make sure they cross that god damn finish line. I am sick right now ….because of these evil people. Shut the whole mother down.

      • Nancy, I did not see the race. Got a call from someone. I’m assuming he made her cross finish line like he did to sooooooo many others I know of.

    • Bonnie, according to the Equibase page for SWEET MARY LOU, her jockey was Benjamin Hernandez.

      • Bonnie, according to the chartwriter’s notes on SWEET MARY LOU, AQUEDUCT, Race 1, she was last to commence, raced at the rear, suffered an injury near the seven-sixteenths and was pulled up then vanned off. She is listed as “DNF” in her race results for order of finish. SWEET MARY LOU broke down somewhere after the 1/4 pole but before reaching the 1/2 pole.
        You must be talking about a different horse???

      • Wanda, I just now looked up equibase, the white filly did not cross finish line. White filly had Junior as her jockey. It must have been really bad ….for Junior not to cross finish line. My bad … I assumed she crossed finish line, when I heard she had been “VANNED”.

  4. I can understand the demented heartless racehorse parasites wanting to continue their killing show for bucks, but our politicians?
    I can never nor will ever understand why this public display of daily abuse and killing is kept going by hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies!
    The other day I receive an anonymous tip from a stable worker that claims Todd Pletcher is abusing a racehorse at Gulfstream describing how the racehorse is lame, being repeatedly doped up and whipped onto the track in the morning.
    I’m told that the racehorse should be retired, but then I find out he’s in a race today at Gulfstream.
    So I watch on my computer only because my curiosity and well that racehorse, EYE OF A JEDI, went down in the dirt HARD, it was horrific to watch it go down at the 3/4 pole – “vanned-off.”
    Yet another victim of racehorse killer TODD PLETCHER and his owner REPOLE STABLE.
    For 6 years this racehorse was forced into servitude and earned over $375,000.
    A high profile “stakes horse” who was not given a safe landing, instead, sent out in the morning to train apparently lame enough for this person to notice whoever they are.
    This person claims that anonymous complaints into the Florida Racing Commissioners goes ignored.
    Well that doesn’t surprise me!
    Then there’s a new female politician in Dade County who has repeatedly questioned why the Stronach’s et al are getting hundreds of millions in casino subsidies when their neighborhoods are starving!
    Just some more vile crap coming from horse racing like another dead racehorse ever damn freaking day!

    • Gina, I did watch that race to make sure Mighty Heart (with one eye) came in safe. I counted the starts and at the finish one was missing. Not one damn peep about the horse Jedi. NOTHING.

      • And also this horse was a probable for that Pegasus race in a few weeks. Just absolutely horrifying and disgusting.

    • Bravo Gina! You nailed it. The scumbags in this evil killing factory are mainly uneducated. Whereas the politicians are mainly EDUCATED and don’t need to grovel to the lowest of the low jobs that don’t require an education. In other words the politicians have NO EXCUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NONE. On second thought …. “F” them all

    • Gulfstream is having one mf’n hell of a day. They killed from the royal bloodlines of Unbridled Song and AP Indy. You mf’n scumbags . And fat face Larry C. saying what a wonderful day 😒 no mention of DEAD HORSES. And please Gina ….just the mention of no chin todd. These people who draw a paycheck from this evil have no shame. They should be so ashamed of themselves .

    • A few weeks ago MyRacehorse advertised on Facebook micro shares of a filly for $80/share. The filly was a beautiful Bay with some white markings. TODD PLETCHER was listed as her trainer. I’m sorry I don’t remember the filly’s name. I felt sickened by the whole thing knowing that they had just SHAMELESSLY KILLED OFF ONE COLT NAMED VERTICAL THREAT only a few days before I saw the ad on Facebook.

    • MIGHTY HEART finished last, but I think it’s outright abuse to run a horse who is blind in one eye!
      Any race on any horse who has both eyes is extremely stressful in and of itself, but to be running with all that noise, the jockeys yelling, and being whipped with only 1 eye not being able to see is probably very anxiety ridden for that horse.
      Now the “trainer” Josie Carroll claims that MH just “loves to run,” – right like they all just love to run don’t they?
      She’s just like any other trainer dumping into them whatever is required and he’s probably got some sort of anxiety dope being pumped in.
      Of course we will never know since they keep their doping records secret – hmmm wonder why?
      Just to be clear I never confirmed whether EYE OF A JEDI is dead, that’s Patrick’s area, but it looked really bad and as we all know “vanned-off” usually means dead or permanently mangled, at which time, they are dumped no matter how much money they made.

      • Gina, running a horse with one good eye and one blind eye is CRUEL but all racing is CRUEL. Where would these morally depraved, horse-abusing, horse-killing, psychopathic, narcissistic, money grubbing, sorry EXCUSES FOR HORSEMEN/WOMEN be able to draw the line?????

      • TOTALLY agree, Gina. I also feel they are running him too frequently, and shipping him all over!!!!! I must make a correction from yesterday, it was pointed out to me last night by my honey, that it was the other NY jockey I was thinking of ….I meant to say Eric Cancel, not Junior. Sorry, I got them mixed up.

        • Bonnie, DREAM MARIE was ridden by Junior Alvarado at Gulfstream Park on December 18, 2031 in Race 6.which was the Rampart Stakes. She DID NOT FINISH. She was born March 5, 2017. She was sold for $10,000 as a Yearling and she was sold again for $25,000 as Two-Year-Old in Training at the Ocala Breeders Sale in March 2019.

          • Thank you Wanda, I did not see her race. I love her sire Graydar, so when my friend called me yesterday and told me, it really upset me. I’m grateful that I didn’t see it.

            • TRUE
              HORSEMANSHIP does NOT do this to horses!!!!
              How much would the horses “love to run/race” if the money-grubbing human participants involved were not ever going to get any money out of it???
              It’s a rhetorical question. You know what I mean.

  5. I just read an article from 12/8 it was from the Paulick report, anyway it said the ultra wealthy owners in this evil killing industry wrote off 600 MILLION in losses!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine? Writing off losses for your horse racing bullshit. The uber wealthy always get away with everything. DISGUSTING

  6. Catching up on some of my Sunday newspapers just now …one of my favorite political columnist Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post put out a Christmas wish list of sorts. One was …for the horses—NO RACING. Ha! I LOVE it. She also tweeted it …she has a LOT of followers. Read some of the old tired haggard excuses she got from the racing industry A-holes. These old haggard apologists need to go get a life. Go work a real job rather than killing and maiming innocent horses.

    • That’s excellent, Bonnie! It’s always good to hear that someone in the mainstream news media is in touch with the horse abuse that is going on in the racing industry. All of the racing publications, as you know, are all about, you know, promoting the horses as a gambling object, which I hate! You know I’m so sick of it! The horses are forced into this vile industry! If these morally depraved people who exploit horses were able to somehow miraculously become TRUE HORSEMEN, they would all stop this egregious cruelty to horses immediately!!!!!

      • I know!!!!! It’s SO awesome. I respect Ms Rubin immensely, she’s a smart cookie. You don’t get accepted, and graduate from Stanford University if you’re a dummy. She’s a lawyer too! It’s all about education,and progress.

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