Abuse First (Ulcers), Then a Gruesome Death – This Is Horseracing

In the 3rd at Churchill Oct 3, Rouson, said the chart, “went wrong and was vanned off.” He is, as fully expected, dead. From the KHRC: “comminuted sesamoid fractures with tearing of the superficial and deep flexors, rupture of the suspensory ligament, and rupture of the intersesamoidian ligament; fetlock open and disarticulated.”

Of further note: “Michael Shane Warpool stated that he had claimed the horse at Ellis Park in July for his wife. He said that the horse was sound but did not look very good, internally was not in the best shape and suffered from ulcers. He said that he took his time with the horse, treated his ulcers, and eventually got him looking really good.” Yeah, “got him looking really good” – only to kill him a few months later. By the way, when claimed (bought), the ulcer-ridden Rouson was just three years old.

This is horseracing.


  1. If these excruciatingly painful injuries were inflicted by United States interrogators on (human) prisoners of war or on the people held against their will without being charged with any specific crime who were considered possible suspected terrorists from the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States, this kind of torture would be considered war crimes. Horseracing is criminal abuse of horses!!!!! It must be recognized by law as such and must be punishable by law. STOP all government funding to this INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES!!!!!

  2. The fact that his previous owner was still racing him while “he did not look very good” speaks volumes about the life this poor horse had. And Mr. Warpool is no better, despite his claims of better treatment. For racehorses, it really is a journey from one hell to the next.

  3. Wow. This Mr. Warpool dude really knows how to give a romantic gift to his wife: a pre-injured, pre-abused, pre-drugged, walking-dead baby racehorse is the one gift that says, “Honey, I love you!” like no other.

    Are you listening, fellas? Valentines Day is coming up fast; don’t you want that special gal in your life to be able to experience that incomparable feeling of prestige and dominance that can only be achieved by killing a baby thoroughbred? And the real upside is — if her Gift Horse somehow does survive racetrack life (rare, but it happens occasionally) — she can brag to her bougie friends at lunch that she helped to solve the World Hunger Problem (by sending her lucky equine overseas to be eaten by some “starving” Japanese businessmen.)

    So, see? Big bonus for both (sub-)human partners in the happy couple;)

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