Filly Felled While Training at Santa Anita

The CHRB has disclosed the training death of Star of Africa at Santa Anita yesterday morning – “non-musculoskeletal,” they’re calling it. Which usually means, in industry parlance, a “sudden cardiac event.” Star was just four years old. Vile.

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  1. You know, the least the CHRB could do when they post (a small portion of) these horse deaths is reassure us that their victims didn’t suffer inordinately — even when they did. Hell, they’re racehorses; their entire, obscenely short lives consist of abuse and suffering.
    Anyway, tagging the kills as “Sudden Deaths” goes a long way toward reminding the horrified public that, at California tracks, young horses just keel over, quickly and painlessly, all the time.
    (It’s the damnedest thing. And it warrants another “serious investigation” (ha ha) by the esteemed Board.)

  2. This whole non- sport ‘sport’ is nothing but evil and 🤢 🤮 worthy. Just remember people…..ONE death is one too many.

  3. The point is they killed her. Why do they feel the need to say that her “cause” of death was “non-musculoskeletal” when she most likely had many issues with her bones and joints and hooves from the constant overexertion demanded by race training and racing between the extended periods of stall isolation and confinement…? She was their gambling chip slave and they killed her. I speculate that they doped her up with pain-killers just to keep her walking and galloping. It’s possible that they overdosed her on pain-killing drugs, but I don’t have definitive proof of that. It’s logical though. A horse can only take so much abuse before they die from the abuse. The CHRB is self-serving as are all of the other people who participate in this evil “game” of using and abusing horses as gambling chips.

    • All great points, as usual, Wanda. But to answer your question about why the CHRB bothers to post a vague, non-scientific label to all Cali horse kills: We are ALL scratching our heads over that one!

      Last month, they decided they weren’t being transparent enough (“No! You’re an open book, CHRB. Highly credible and trustworthy professionals, the whole, reconfigured bunch of you.”;) Anyhow, they apparently decided they’d add some flare to their now-world-famous, highly-accurate and all-inclusive Partial Equine Fatalities List. So they went for the BIG details, adding either “Musculoskeletal” or (conversely), “Non-Musculoskeletal” to each and every horse death on their list. I am not kidding; some of these (highly-detailed) notations got slapped on to kills that happened almost TWO YEARS AGO. (“Thanks, CHRB. You’ve cleared up the issue immensely. Those pesky horse advocates should give you no trouble at all in future meetings. Won’t that be nice?”)

      So, don’t ever question the ways of the wise, wise Board again, Wanda;)

      • I was thinking the reason that the CHRB feels the need to say “non-musculoskeletal” is because it was “musculoskeletal” but worse things in addition to that was the cause of death. The members of the CHRB have evidently figured out a way to fill out the space on a page without being forthcoming with the whole truth. What’s new about the racing participants not being honest? Absolutely nothing!!!!! Being dishonest and deceptive is their MODUS OPERANDI.

  4. There is nothing right about such a young horse dying. Let us totally stop the practice of racing horses!

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