Advance Notice Killed at Belmont, 39th Victim of 2021

The chart for the 5th at Belmont yesterday noted that Advance Notice “went wrong, suffered an injury to his left foreleg, then was vanned off.” Death, clearly, was the likely outcome, and indeed, death it was, as confirmed today by the Gaming Commission. The 4-year-old becomes the 39th victim at Belmont this year – this, after 53 kills last year. NY’s “safety culture” – something to emulate.

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  1. “Went wrong” – as if it was the horse’s decision, like making a wrong turn. The ugly truth just doesn’t line up with their propaganda.

  2. Oh, Rudy. You silly, silly equine exterminator, you. Trying to set some kind of record? Or are you just a walking, talking billboard for Abuse, Breakdowns, Carnage? (The ABCs of horse racing.)

    AND, Mr. Rodriguez, Sir: You’re also a real pro at proving to the public that racehorse owners obviously could not give a single shit about what happens to the poor baby horses they send to you to mangle. Then again, with Navarro and Servis headed to prison, their options are kinda limited in choosing a “trainer,” now, aren’t they?

    • Ahh yes and the owner is Mike Repole, of Vitaminwater and Bodyarmour energy drink fame. I remember reading somewhere that he keeps tabs of his former runners and their welfare.
      My ass. One of his fairly successful runners was getting pounded into the ground at the local shit tracks with 2 bows on his front legs that made him look like he had pool floaties for front legs. Mike repole never once looked into this horse or where he is. Another liar in a lying business.

      • Thanks, Marie. Sounds like as good a reason as any to not drink Vitaminwater.
        “Need refreshment, AND want to support and contribute to animal cruelty? Pick some up today!”

        • The same goes for Dutch Bros. Coffee. If you want to support the abuse, brutality, and carnage of Thoroughbreds exploited as gambling chips in Grants Pass, Oregon…
          I have always driven by the Dutch Bros. Coffee drive-thru stores on Highway 12 in the Lewis-Clark Valley thinking that someday I might want to try that brand. I never did and now I am glad that I did NOT stop! Because of Patrick’s post about Travis Boersma, the co-founder of Dutch Bros. Coffee, wanting to get public money to support his gambling and wagering enterprise using racehorses as gambling chips, I have no desire whatsoever to try this billionaire’s brand of coffee or anything else he may profit from! Frankly, I had not known who started Dutch Bros. Coffee drive-thru stores until reading the HW post by Patrick.

      • Thank you for saying this about Mike Repole,he and todd pletcher…..the sight of the two of those …..I’ll hold my tongue. I’m trying to be good .

        • This is killing me to try and stay “nice”, about todd and mike. Goes against my very nature. So …….just appreciate my self control. Vitamin water😒made this short dumpy man obscenely wealthy. Are the American people bright? Good for you Mike,using your “new found” wealth for the purpose of horse racing. Couldn’t have thought of a positive cause? Guess that was beyond your capacity. Let’s call todd ….on speed dial. Yeah, that’s the ticket. What else would nouveau riche do?

  3. Before they are killed like ADVANCE NOTICE, most all racehorses are suffering in the claiming gallows.
    I’ve been keeping a close watch on the “trainers” whose racing stables are predominantly a “claiming” stable.
    Make no mistake, these “trainers” are pure unadulterated parasites.
    They only exist because they live off the blood, sweat, broken bones and tears of racehorses.
    Linda Rice, who was supposed to be suspended for serious criminal conduct that was proven after due process, is STILL TRAINING!
    I have a prolific list of racehorses whom she’s claimed since her bogus suspension.
    I have names, dates, prices and the majority of racehorses she’s claiming have all made hefty sums of money for their owners, trainers, tracks and wagering firms.
    Yet, no amount of money guarantees them a soft landing, a safe retirement that they earned and deserved.
    I will highlight the most recent claim: CHRIS AND DAVE – a multiple stakes winner in his prime winning and/or bringing home hefty checks for those who exploited him only to be dumped and flipped repeatedly.
    Yesterday, suspended parasite Linda Rice claimed this gelding whose made over $794, 417.
    He’s been in servitude to these exploiters for 8 years and close to 1 million in earnings is not enough for a home.
    CHRIS AND DAVE has been under the whip 73 times and they are still not done exploiting him.
    He has no say in the matter and they are defenseless hosts for these scum parasites.
    Of course this entire despicable business facilitates parasites like Linda Rice and make sure the claiming grounds are ripe for every single one of them.
    When they kill these racehorses there are zippo repercussions and bogus investigations that lead to nowhere.
    This is horse racing and the fact that the state of New York gives them millions in subsidies is pathetic.

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