A Barn Kill at Belmont – and Yes, It Counts

Malibu Luna is dead after she “suffered a trauma falling” in the barn at Belmont Wednesday. She was three years old.

For those who may be newer to the site, here is our explanation on why a stall death, a so-called accident like the one above, is equal in every way that matters to one that occurs out on the track. It is fairly well known that roughly 620,000 soldiers died during the Civil War. But what many don’t know is that roughly two-thirds of those perished from disease. With that knowledge, when have you ever heard someone try to make the case that those deaths were in any way less significant, or more to the point, could somehow be disassociated from the war itself? Doesn’t happen – nor, obviously, should it. Time, place, and circumstances matter. Same here: Every death in horseracing is by horseracing. And that’s that.

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  1. It’s beyond suspicious how many horses suffer traumatic falls in the barn area – along with “neurological disorders” and “sudden death”. It all comes down to the abusive way these horses are treated.

  2. Every horse in servitude to the horse-racing and gambling industry that is killed is an industry death. That includes all of the horses that are sent to a livestock auction and bought by a killbuyer for the purpose of being slaughtered for their meat, etc. In the 1960s, the term “glue factory” was used and sickeningly enough that was used in a context of supposedly being humorous, as in “if you (horse) don’t behave, you will be sent to the glue factory.”

  3. I agree, Rebecca.
    I tried to get the necropsy report on a horse called Indy’s Quick Image but was informed it would not be released because of “privacy” concerns and the case was considered closed! I have no idea who’s privacy was being protected!!
    The cause of death was listed as “acute brain hemorrhage” by Delaware. The circumstances of the horses death were very suspicious. I spoke to the now deceased Racing Commission Chairman , John Wayne,,who said there was an internal investigation but there were no witnesses. He did not contradict me when I voiced my suspicion that the horse was knocked over the head. He told me to request the necropsy report. As I said, my request was denied…
    These internal investigations are a joke because, number one, the investigators do not have the necessary expertise, and number two, they are too invested in racing to be objective…
    We see the arbitrary results of this obvious conflict of interest all the time.

    I have posted about the death of Indy’s Quick Image before but it bears repeating because Indy’s Quick Image is the poster horse for many nefarious cases involving horses that are handled internally and to put it mildly, inadequately.

    • Regarding INDY’S QUICK IMAGE, the trainer was later suspended for a period of five years. One of the trainer’s violations was that he did not have a license. How does a person have access to the stable area and the racetrack and participate in racing without a license? What do the Stewards of the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission do anyway????

      November 15, 2019
      Delaware Park
      Stewards Ruling

      Stewards’ Ruling that unlicensed racing participant Leonel Garcia Sr., caretaker for the horse “Indy’s Quick Image”, owned by Lucerito Garcia-Colin was negligent and contributed to the death of this horse following a race at Parx Racing on 10/12/19. (There’s more…)

      Fritz Burkhardt, Steward
      Tony Langford, Steward
      Jean Chalk, Steward
      (All three stewards signed their names to this ruling.)

      The owner and the groom had participated with licenses and were suspended for a period of one-year each.

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