At Least One Kill at Keeneland Today

In the 1st at Keeneland today, What the Elle “fell over a fallen foe [Super d’Oro]” and was subsequently euthanized. He was three years old; this was his very first race. About a half hour later, Bellinger “went wrong” and was “vanned off.” While I await more information, I fully expect it will be two kills in two races – at one of America’s most prestigious tracks. And, oh yeah, the rest of the day’s card continues. Morally bankrupt doesn’t begin to describe this business.

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  1. “Fallen foe” instead of “another exploited sentient being”. And two kills in two races? That’s just horse racing. Nothing to see here, folks. Place your bets.

  2. If WHAT THE ELLE had been laid off from racing for five years as MOX NIX was, would that bring up some “outrage” from the racing fans?

        • Patrick, Brian Joseph Hernandez Jr was on What the Elle and then Ballinger in race 2. He had quite a few mounts yesterday. Source was Keeneland entries and results.

          • Nancy, I cried for What the Elle most of last night. That poor baby. Can you imagine it was his very first race and THAT happens to him. (a somersault over a fallen horse). This whole thing (racing) is SICK and TWISTED beyond belief. I’m just gonna come out and say it ….. these participants are nothing but PURE EVIL.

            • Bonnie, I honest to heaven still can not fathom how this industry goes on with all the accidents and incidents that just get a slap on the wrist. No mercy.

            • Thank you Patrick. Maybe they took Hernandez off race 2 after the horse had his accident in race 1.

  3. I guess this is the point where the high-integrity Jockey Club needs to jump in and remind us all how much SAFER they’ve made thoroughbred racing for the horses.

    Hey, Jockey Clubbers: If I’m a serial killer who now only admits to every fourth or fifth murder I commit, would you claim that my human kindness is improving?

    • Wait a minute… Didn’t the victims die doing “what they loved” doing? You don’t have to admit you are a psychopathic maniac now, let alone how many died doing what you loved forcing them to do. Not everyone will know the difference or even care, not among “racing fans” and/or compulsive gamblers.

  4. In a VERY strange twist ….the horse who caused What the Elle to fall and die was by Super Saver. Now follow me ….the horse who died in the second race was also by Super Saver. So ….Super Saver offspring caused a death,and very next race a Super Saver offspring dies by breakdown. Givith and takith away? Very strange no matter what you read into it. I feel the worst for What the Elle. He only died because he fell over that other horse. Mf’n SICK beyond belief. SICK,SICK,SICK. May the a**h***s who kill these majestic horses ROT in you know where.

  5. I’ve finally quit watching horse racing. Since I’ve been these e mails from horseracing wrongs I’m done. I what ever forget that horse posted here that was left to die alone in the mud, probably from a heart attack while everyone watched.

    • After knowing that so many horses die from the abuse of racing every week, that deaths of racehorses happen so often in horse racing, it’s impossible to see the horses being raced or confined to stalls in the same way as before reading this site. The horses must endure so much physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering at the hands of human beings that it is utter agony to even imagine what the racehorses are forced to endure.

      • Wanda, everything about these baby horses being murdered and tortured is disturbing beyond comprehension. This whole shit-show must be dismantled and ended for good.

  6. Oh yes, Keeneland, where the airport is plastered with beautiful horse murals – horses contentedly grazing in the “bluegrass” pastures and mares grazing with beautiful little foals at their sides.
    The depiction of horses in bucolic settings is so disingenuous. The time these horses spend in such circumstances is e brief if it happens at all for many.
    The deception racing engages in and the misery that is the real world for these unfortunates is nauseating…

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