At Least 13 Dead Horses at Canterbury This Year

Through a FOIA request to the Minnesota Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at Canterbury this year. As always, the response came with this: “Minnesota veterinary medicine laws prevent us from providing any additional identifying information.” (Minnesota is the only state in the country that refuses to identify its dead horses.) That said, surely most if not all of the “racing related” can be found among the 11 below who were “vanned off” and have not been heard from since.

Canterbury Park: “13 deceased horses”
“racing related”: 6
“training related”: 4
“other”: 3

Ceeya Later “vanned off” the Canterbury track 5/20
Saturday Value “vanned off” the Canterbury track 5/27
Casey’s Daddy “vanned off” the Canterbury track 5/31
Be Gone Daddy “vanned off” the Canterbury track 7/3
Skol Factor “vanned off” the Canterbury track 7/6
You Got This “vanned off” the Canterbury track 7/11
Janet’s Rocket “vanned off” the Canterbury track 8/10
Danceronthebeach “vanned off” the Canterbury track 8/12
Deuce “vanned off” the Canterbury track 8/22
Boom Truck “vanned off” the Canterbury track 8/29
Dusty Princess “vanned off” the Canterbury track 9/1

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  1. They cannot hide the numbers. Horses have been historically maltreated by humanity since those that could be caught or were born into captivity became slaves for man to use and abuse at will. The birth of horse racing as a sport has been the most cruel and the most wasteful practice of all. One would hope that as we evolve technologically humanity would have created a so called “sport” that used robots instead of loving, feeling, suffering horses to play with. HORSE RACING IS WRONG, CRUEL and must END!

    • If there has to be a racing gamboling industry let it use motor vehicles such as cars & motorcycles that feel no pain instead of sentient & smart horses.Racing is indeed wasteful in its practices just look at the ugly statue at Gulf Stream park as an example. The many $$ spent on that ugly statue could have benefited so many people spent in other ways.

    • At our old track a rendering company based in Sherwood would be called & then the poor deceased horse, having been broken down usually racing but sometimes in am training, would be hauled away in a truck. The poor horse would be stored until pickup at the SE corner of the track by the maintaining equipment bldg. The horse would then literally be dismantled by the rendering company & many parts of the poor horse would be sold such as manes & tails which were than used ironically on carousels of wooden horses ridden by children. We have never looked at old & antique carousels the same ever since we discovered where the manes & tails used on those carousels come from!

  2. Sometimes I wonder….do the scumbags in this industry know what they are doing is collecting BLOOD MONEY paychecks? Know this, you uneducated losers….you will be judged when your time comes,by a higher power,and all the EVIL you have done to horses,will come back on you in the form of KARMA. You got rich you ass***** on the backs of horses who were TORTURED to DEATH by YOU.

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