Parx: About as Bad as It Gets

In the 6th at Parx yesterday, there were four entrants. One, Heroic Officer, “returned lame and was vanned off.” Two of the other three, Aussie Mist and Zensational Dixie, were “claimed” (bought), with ownership set to change at the race’s conclusion. One problem, though: Those claims, plus that of Heroic (yes, she too was sold), were voided by the track vet for undisclosed injuries. So, that’s 3/4 of the “field” returning (probably racing) injured.

Two years ago, Parx (along with Gulfstream) led the nation in kills with 59. This year, through just the first six months – 33 kills. In the past four-plus years, 212 horses (that we know about) have perished at Parx. This is about as bad as it gets, folks. And all of it, the abuse, the killing, is subsidized by the good taxpayers of Pennsylvania.

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  1. Jose L. Ortiz, the jockey of Happy Happy B, a two-year-old Thoroughbred colt killed at Belmont Park on September 26th, also rides at Parx in Pennsylvania. His racing results history is on Equibase. It appears that he rides horses in claiming races a lot.
    When will these people get a conscience about whipping and/or shocking horses to get them to gallop faster and faster than they ever would otherwise??? That’s only a fraction of the constant daily abuse of horses.

  2. All taxpayer subsidies should be ended for this “crooked , crummy , gamboling game” & the monies used for infrastructure improvements which we have heard from several trucker family members that Pennsylvania needs badly for improving their roads.

  3. Sent out to race with injuries, traded off with injuries, and discarded with injuries, all of which were caused by racing. Anyone who participates in or supports horse racing is morally bankrupt and ethically putrescent.

  4. Yep. PARX is a four-letter vulgarity. And Parx officials don’t even pretend to care about any of their horse kills — nor their obscene corruption, nor their so-called cheaters and straight-up butchers. But it is amusing to watch as all the OTHER horse-killing tracks’ media, fans and staffers try to distance themselves from the Parx Creeps. As if they themselves aren’t committing all the same atrocities every damned day.

    Too bad for poor, poor Parx that the PA Racing Board is suddenly all over this transparency thing;)

  5. Stop this barbaric practice once and for all!!! This is not entertainment in the dark ages—- get a life people and go spend your pathetic lives at a casino. DON’T drag innocent horses into this!!!

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