Two More Kills at Stronach-Owned Golden Gate

The Stronach Group – you remember them, the supposed leading light in “safer” California racing – notched two more kills yesterday, both during training hours at Golden Gate: Stopdropandroll, two, injury not disclosed; Left Alone, six, “sudden death.” For TSG, this makes 34 (that we know about) dead horses at its two Cal tracks.

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  1. And the Stronachs are employing their new and improved, super-duper, equine-life-saving policy of taking legal possession of injured racehorses from their own tracks, plying them with surgical treatment at their own expense, and then providing them a “safe retirement” from racing. All this to avoid conceding many of their would-be kills.
    Hey, Stronach P.R. folks: why didn’t you use this on poor Stopdropandroll? Did she get mangled and wrecked too badly to save her from the daily abuse you specialize in at Golden Gate Killing Fields? Or did you figure that since hers was a training death, as opposed to another catastrophic racing breakdown when your shit’s on TV, that nobody’d notice the extra carnage?
    Sigh. Oh well. We’ll just have to ask the CHRB. They’re always full of reliable information about these matters…Hahahahaha, Just kidding! Now you all go ahead and enjoy another super-safe week: Since apparently Kill-a-Filly Day was yesterday at GGKF, you’ve got like 72 hours til your next scheduled horse death. Use it wisely!

    • Speaking of fraud scumbag chrb, twitter is ENRAGED about barbara, elliot,and gavin, being part owners of Pinehurst, trained by bob baffert. Can the CORRUPT ca board see the CONFLICT of interest?!!!!!!!!!!!!! barbara,elliot and gavin will vote to not punish bob. That fraud horse justify was the WORST scandal in triple crown history. THE WORST. PERIOD california sucks ***. Just sayin. The FACT that chrb picked these ones SPEAKS volumes. chrb=CHEATING. FULL STOP THIS👈 is sick. I suggest everyone who gives a damn about cheating and egregious miscarriage of justice let the chrb know you don’t want to see CHEATING go unpunished. How many times can bob get away with drug test failures? Too many times.Don’t let them keep getting away with it. There needs to be an end to the ABUSE of horses.

  2. When will the public be able to vote “NO” on the horse racing and Pari-Mutuel gambling industry in the State of California???

  3. When are the HORSES gonna come FIRST? I mean they are the ones dying. The time is NOW to save the horses and put them first. END HORSE ABUSE

    • Racing is a small mostly low profile subculture that exploits gambling addicts while abusing and killing horses.
      As far as politicians (progressive or conservative) are concerned it is small potatoes in the great scheme of things.
      The politicians are as corrupt as racing. Period! Both are masters at presenting a facade to the public. No integrity whatsoever…

      • There are least two politicians, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and Oregon State Senator Peter Courtney, that I think are genuinely interested in stopping the funding to horse racing. I’m not sure how much they care about horses, but at least they don’t want public funds to go to horse racing to prop up the purse money and Pari-Mutuel gambling.
        Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney introduced Oregon Senate Bill 871.

          • Glad to hear that, Nancy. I was going to mention U. S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (Calif.) but I don’t know how much she cares about the horses. I don’t know how much of what I have read about her statements regarding the protecting of horses is lip service or genuine concern for the horses.

  4. Nancy, Senator Menendez, through the years has seemed to be quite effective in the things he pursues….I’ll give him that. Gov Murphy seems to be a go-getter too. (high energy)

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