Three-Horse Crash at Thistledown Leaves at Least One Dead

This happened in the 3rd race at Thistledown yesterday: “Somewhere Up North…fell entering the turn…. Dialin Some Sass struck a fallen rival…. Bionic Rosie fell over a fallen rival…and was euthanized.” Bionic was four years old; she was under the whip for the 21st time. I will update on the other two as information comes in.

And here is what it looked like:

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  1. One of the first arguments that racing folks pull out to rationalize the killing of racehorses is that they could die in pasture accidents too.
    My horses have never “hit a fallen rival” or “fell over a fallen rival” in a pasture. Ever.
    I’ve never seen them plow into another horse’s ass end in a pasture, I’ve never seen them crash into each other head on in a pasture . But I’ve see all that and more at the track

    • That is true for our horse herd as well with all ages living & running occasionally with the cooler weather having them feel refreshed.

    • Almost says these horses have lost the sense of self preservation that helps all living creatures survive.
      They are, essentially, out of their minds with fear.

    • Exactly, Marie. Thirty years of having horses – TB ex-racehorses included – and not one of mine nor any of my many fosters have “crashed into” another horse in their pastures or paddocks. Not once. And having fostered two ungentled Mustangs several years ago, I survey everything I come across about them. Watch videos of Mustangs running and you’ll see the space they keep between each other – they KNOW! What Rose mentioned about self-preservation is a really good point…the only times I’ve seen horses running at full speed and right on each other’s heels is in horseracing and when the BLM helicopters are rounding up the Mustangs, frenzied with fear.

  2. Our government must stop all subsidies to this HORROR SHOW of horses being exploited for racing and gambling! Abusing horses for gambling is demoralizing to all.

  3. Here we go again more young horses being killed due to the horse racing industry! This is deplorable! I pray that this will end soon.

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