In the 2nd race at Emerald Downs yesterday, the 3-year-old filly Dame of the West “fell late and was vanned off.” That combination usually means dead; I will find out for sure with a FOIA. In the meantime, I thought I’d show you the replay. Oh, but wait, upon arriving at the Emerald site, here is what I found:


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  1. Many years ago we were told by an owner / trainer he would not race horses at Emerald because in his words” Emerald is too hard on horses and has to high a break down rate”.

  2. Bet those poor, poor TV producers at Emerald Downs struggled to find a portion of this cheap Death Race that would be suitable for airing. But when it’s the favorite — leading throughout, no less — who goes down, they can’t just splice and dice the footage to (poof!) make the carnage magically disappear as usual.
    So, good choice of scrubbing the whole spectacle, Team E.D.! May your next equine victim at least have the decency to break down in the back, and make your jobs that much easier. Carry on.

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