Racinos Make Horseracing Doubly Evil

The “racino” – combination racetrack/casino – is a win-win for the racing people: Not only are purses jacked up by slots revenue, but the tracks – flush with that unearned income – are able to pay first through last. So, throw any old horse out there and you’re practically sure to “win.” The gelding Inclunation is a case in point.

On Aug 12, 2020, at Finger Lakes (a racino), Inclunation was put to the whip for the 20th time. He did not fare well: “pulled up in distress, vanned off.” (Except for his very first race, Inclunation’s entire “career” – 27 races – was spent at the claiming level, meaning he was in a near-constant state of being “For Sale.”) Months went by, then he resurfaced in Pennsylvania in March. Under new “connections” (of course), Inclunation was raced at Penn Mar 31: second-to-last, 15+ lengths back. But Penn being another racino, his new people – owner Ho Dee Boy Stable, trainer Joseph Taylor – still “won” $354. On to Parx, another racino. His final three races there:

May 19: last of 10, 26 lengths back. Winnings for Ho Dee Boy/Taylor: $250.
Jun 14: last of 11, 23 lengths back. Winnings for Ho Dee Boy/Taylor: $250.
Jun 23: last of 11, 47 lengths back. Winnings for Ho Dee Boy/Taylor: $250.

Bad enough, but then there’s this: In that race on the 23rd, Inclunation “lost contact with his field,” “returned lame” and was eventually “vanned off.” He was then euthanized for an unidentified injury. Dead. But because the jockey (Anthony Nunez) got Inclunation to cross the wire, he, Ho Dee, and Taylor all cashed in. The moral depravity of these people knows no bounds.


  1. How is this being treated like royalty? That is what some people say. Obviously, this horse was not being treated like royalty. All horses used for racing are not treated like royalty. They ARE treated INHUMANELY. The horses are TOOLS used for gambling chips, a term Gina Powell has used many, many times to describe what horses are treated like and what they are used for. This despicable industry is a despicable gambling industry. It must be recognized as the ANIMAL CRUELTY that it is!!!
    HORSERACING must be recognized as a cancer on our society!!! Legislation must be passed to end the Corporate Welfare to the morally depraved individuals involved in horseracing and Pari-Mutuel WAGERING!!!

    • Mentioning of Gina. How is she doing? Any one know? We, like her have been through many nasty experiences.The racing industry is full of very nasty & vindictive people as we have experienced the hard way!

  2. Doubly evil is an accurate description! Unfortunately in my NW state a very wealthy coffee shop owner is determined to have a card room / historical racing machine operation at our lone 1/2 mile commercial track in the southern part of our state. We fear greatly for the horses with were sure will be supplemented purse $$ increase from the HRM profits.Mr Travis has spent MILLIONS on his new ( within the last 2 years venture). Just think of the good those $$ could have done within those communities for infrastructure such as schools or real jobs creation in useful industries.A long time ago (2004) we were told by a good Kentuckian not to ever return to the ” Devils`s den of iniquity , fill of evil people , that you can`t trust anyone”. We were told this by him after an incident experienced by us with a well trained horse at our now thankfully gone 1 mile oval track. He basically rescued us & brought us back to our farm where he emphatically told us never to return to the track.We quit in 2005 &never went back to any track. This despite FINALLY after 20+ years being granted a LEGAL license to gallop horses.It took 3 weeks for us to recover from the nasty incident only, to be threatened about ever riding or training any horses from our own farm by both a truly evil vet & an owner / trainer. It was clear that they did not want their “crooked , crummy , gamboling game “disrupted by honest horse people who would not use illegal vet practices or med.s used. The ‘crooked , crummy gamboling game ‘quote was related to us a long time ago by an English born & trained jockey who we used to gallop horses with in the mid- 1980`s without any license at all! Sadly that evil vet is still practicing today in the western pleasure horse industry and is known as ” a leg man”.

    • Thank you, Fred & Joan, for sharing your experience. I don’t know what Gina is doing these days. I assume that she is attempting, among other things, to rescue racehorses that have been dumped into the slaughter pipeline by the people in this crooked, crummy gambling game that uses horses willfully and relentlessly.

      • Thank you for your reply. That is a difficult task to attempt for Gina, rescuing horses. We have done that & 2 we have to this very day are both 25 years old. One we rescued as very sickly & almost dead yearling filly who was left up on top of a mountain with little grass & in dry season very little water as well as trying to stay out of the teeth & claws of mountain lions! The other was 350 #`s under weight listed for sale in the Capitol Press Ag paper which our mother talked the sellers out of for < than the $800 they had her listed for in 1999. We basically rescued her for $500 & to the credit of the sellers they wanted to be sure the young filly with Seattle Slew pedigree would not go to a bad place.At 1st the trainer at the track would not give us her papers but once they realized we were not going to race her & were going to keep her for a long time they gave us her papers.Both these fillies were foaled within 2 weeks of each other in April of 1996 by different owners / breeders. This entire industry from breeding , training & racing & vet care is a " Crooked , Crummy, Gamboling game as we have found out through multiple experiences including the so called high & low end auction sales too!

  3. This shows you how truly dumb most people are. They are so unaware that they don’t understand that money should be used for the betterment of society and making people’s lives easier. Most people are dumb as a bag of rocks.

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