Virginia, Stop Subsidizing the Cruelty and Killing at Colonial Downs

This from the stewards at Colonial Downs Monday: “War Film broke down at the finish and was…euthanized.” WF was five and under the whip for the 18th time. He was also only one of four horses “vanned off” at Colonial that day. Four.

Colonial Downs originally opened in 1997 but had to close in 2014 because of failing fortunes, joining, of course, a host of other tracks. But owing to pressure from “horsemen” and their lobbyists, the shortsighted Virginia General Assembly approved “Historical Racing Machines” – aka slot machines – and, presto, Colonial was back in business (2019). Now, as with the great majority of racing states, we have a situation where the good people of Virginia are subsidizing animal cruelty/killing. And the thing is, most have no idea they’re doing it. Vile.

Governor Northam: 804-786-2211; contact/social media
Lt. Governor Fairfax: phone/email; twitter; facebook
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  1. They also have a big sign on the field that says LOVE in capital letters. And the barbaric Steeplechase is afforded here with men, women and children in attendance. Virginia is a beautiful state. Surely that prime real estate could be put to far better use than a gallery of horse abuse.

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