“Passed Away on His Own”

Last Sunday, Big Smoove was “scratched” before the 3rd race at Batavia Downs. The reason? Well, because he was dead. Gaming Commission: “H [for ‘horse,’ I presume] was found laying in the stall; Dr. Kanter treated H with medication; H showed no improvement and passed away on his own.” Big was just five years old.

This is horseracing.

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  1. BIG SMOOVE was entered in a race on August 1, 2021 as well as August 15, 2021. The purses for each race was $5,200 and the claiming price was $5,500. The driver was Jimmy Morrill Jr. One article states that his typical style is going to the front quickly and had reached the milestone of 7,500 wins in November, 2020. This is something that we are supposed to be impressed (in a good way) by, of course, but my impression is that Jimmy Morrill Jr. is a depraved horse-killer along with the rest of the whole lot of people that are involved in horseracing whether it is Standardbreds or Thoroughbreds.

  2. Hernandez’ suspension ended August 9 and Big Smoove died August 15? About 1 week later.

    Fhld on 4/24/2021 FINED: $500 FULL – 15 DAYS, 7/26/2021 THRU 8/9/2021 HORSE DISQUALIFIED, PURSE REDISTRIBUTION
    Williams Hernandez was the programmed trainer of the horse “Big Smoove” when he raced in the 2nd race at Freehold Raceway on April 24, 2021. Following this race, “Big Smoove” was required to submit a blood sample for analysis. A report from Industrial Laboratories identified the presence of Flunixin above the allowable limits. As a result, Mr. Hernandez is issued a full suspension of his New Jersey Racing Commission license for a period of fifteen (15) days and fined the sum of five-hundred ($500.00) dollars. Said suspension shall begin on July 26, 2021 and run through August 9, 2021, inclusive. During the period of suspension, Mr. Hernandez is denied access to all grounds that are under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Racing Commission for any and all purposes. The fine associated with this ruling must be paid on or before August 9, 2021. Consistent with N.J.A.C. 13:71-23.7, the horse “Big Smoove” is disqualified from sharing in all purse monies earned on April 24, 2021.

      • Alan, I take it as an implication that the trainer doped the horse with severe or extreme (or exceptionally bad) side affects to the point of causing death to the horse, BIG SMOOVE. I looked up the drug, Flunixin. It is not a pretty picture of the reasons why it’s given or the bad side affects. Who knows if the trainer also doped the horse with some other drug as well…? I think the point is that the trainer is responsible for the horse’s suffering and death, possibly more than anyone other single person involved.

        • Every single owner, trainer, breeder, jockey, and trainer contributes to the suffering of every horse. 99% of racehorses are treated with banamine, it’s allowed up to 24 hours before post in most states. A hot test for a permitted medication four months ago under different ownership and a different trainer didn’t directly cause the death of this horse. I don’t know the details but my guess is if they had the vet out to treat the down horse and then he died it was probably colic which is an accumulated effect of every day of the poor horses life.

        • I agree, and it was my first thought. Rampant druging and lots of insurance money.

  3. There is something very wrong when a horse passes away too young. It is time to show more love and concern for the horse. Let’s stop horse racing for good!

  4. If this were any other business with the same corruption, cheating, and drug saturation (not to mention the animal cruelty) it would be out of business, shut down, gone, history!!!
    It is amazing what goes on and is not just tolerated but is actually propped up with tax dollars.
    Big Smoove was treated with medication!! What was he treated for?
    The truth is, he is just one more dead horse to be carted to the dump. And who in racing cares what happened to him?!

  5. The act of condoning a trainer’s repeated drugging of a horse can only point a finger at the organized crime element that continues to partner in the blatant violations of horse racing rules. A slap on the wrist and a small fine will not deter any PROFIT-MAKING crime. All those involved in the cruel practice of horseracing must be held accountable. If the repeated use of drugs on a horse is punished with only a slap on the wrist and a small fine, then why are there so many human drug addicts being held in prison for years? The hypocrisy of the cruel, self-serving horseracing industry that allows a trainer to break all the rules for profit or for any other self-serving reason is disgusting. The cruel, murderous practice of the “sport” known as horseracing must be outlawed by a compassionate and just society. PUT AN END TO HORSERACING IMMEDIATELY before any more innocent horses are killed by drugs and other horrific tortures!

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