More Animal Abuse From Ruidoso, Delaware

“The All American Quarter Horse Futurity Trials” were held at Ruidoso Downs yesterday. As the name implies, all the entrants were babies, 2-year-olds. As you can imagine, and as I’ve documented several times in the past, there were multiple “bumps” and “fractious” horses, even a “flipped [in] paddock.” But there were also no less than four “vanned off,” two in the same race: One Famous Candy, Jam Candy (also “fell”), Favorite Blues Man, and Jm Special Ferarri.

Then this, Wednesday at Delaware Park: On a sweltering day, there were 28 “scratches.” 28 over just 9 races. While that may sound praiseworthy (for the stewards/vets), they did send out 56 horses to race. That, however, does not include race 4, which was declared a “no contest”:

“#9 Tiktoknaway flipped in the gate, causing a delay. Then #7 Jumpingforjoy was a vet scratch (tying up behind the gate). #8 Finest Work was a vet scratch for tying up also. Riders on #1 Shahaada and #4 Peace Out did not want to ride; they felt that their horses were not acting right and was [sic] becoming overheated, the heat index was 99 degrees. Horses were behind the gate for 34 minutes plus 6 minutes of post parade for a total of 40 minutes; out of concern for the safety of the horses being exposed to the heat for that period of time the stewards cancelled Race 4.”

Yes, canceled that race, but miraculously, I guess, that heat index of 99 disappeared in time for the final six races of the afternoon. Cruelty, thy name is horseracing.

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  1. HORSERACING in the USA would be a thing of the past, if our government made it against the law to ABUSE and TORTURE horses for recreation and entertainment not to mention WAGERING HANDLE REVENUE and PROFITS plus CORPORATE WELFARE.
    No individual or group of any kind should ever be able to get away with making any kind of profit or financial gain from this blatant horror show of torturing horses and promoting it as the Sport of Kings.
    HORSERACING and SNAKE CHARMING have a lot in common. They are promoted and perpetuated as tradition, and for some people that includes religious rituals. They both involve ABUSE and TORTURE of animals. HORSERACING confines horses in small spaces; box stalls. SNAKE CHARMING confines snakes in small spaces; small baskets. The animals suffer. The animals die PREMATURE DEATHS. The humans move on to their next animal victims.
    Both “horse trainers” and “snake charmers” willfully brutalize the animals and cause them to become DEHYDRATED as part of the CHARADE.
    Isn’t it common knowledge/common sense that dehydration causes death????
    DEHYDRATION is only one aspect of the ABUSE and TORTURE that causes death.

  2. I saw that i was watching i thought horses had heat stroke but they went on for rest of races jocks didnt refuse rides in next races

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