They Can’t Hurt Him Anymore

Back in March, I wrote about Sequana, one of the worst track-cruelty cases yet. Shortly thereafter, owing to our pressure, Sequana was released from his servitude at the nefarious Camarero Race Track. And a few days ago, I received the following:

“Thank you for the work you do. I recently adopted Sequana from Second Chance Thoroughbreds in Spencer, NY. That organization received him out of Puerto Rico and started rehabilitating him. In researching his background I came across your post about Sequana. This horse is kind, well mannered and enjoys people. Given what this horse has been through, he is going to get a few more months off with lots of ground handling, and then will continue to be a pasture mate as he learns to trail ride with me. We are located outside of Lyons on 100 acres and I am so happy to be able to provide for Sequana. Best, Lisa Nadeau Legge.”

Sequana arriving home…

Sequana meeting his new pasture buddy…

Free and safe, at last. Thank you, Lisa.

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  1. This is fabulous to see! A good life ahead for Sequana by a horse person who clearly loves him & will take good care of him!

  2. I love reading happy endings like this. Horse rescue is SOOOO important. As I always say with horses–as well as dogs & cats: Adopt, don’t shop.

  3. It’s encouraging to know that there’s still some good left in this world. Thank you to everyone who had a part in rescuing SEQUANA. Thank you for sharing this happy event! God bless all of you who contribute, who do what you are able to do, to rescue and provide proper care of abused and brutalized animals and in this case a gorgeous, beautiful, gentle Thoroughbred horse. 👍❤️😍

  4. Happy tears!!! The work you do is making an impact.
    I’m in California and there is an amazing Thoroughbred Rescue, United Pegasus Foundation, where horses who can’t be rehabilitated from their racing injuries, can live out their lives in a pasture with loving care. Helen has dedicated her life to saving these horses.
    Keep up the hard work Patrick. I wear my Horseracing Wrongs tank and sweatshirt proudly.

  5. I cannot describe the joy I am feeling right now. A happy ending at last. Run free with your buddies, Sequana. You are now loved and cared for. You are a horse and you deserve it. They all do!!
    Thanks Patrick for sharing this amazing story. And thank you, Lisa. He looks so, so happy.

  6. Oh a good piece of news on here for a change. Melts the heart looking at the photos. You can’t begin to understand what Sequana is thinking can you?

  7. Thank you Second Chance and thank you Lisa. Getting Sequana to safety was a long journey, a fantastic accomplishment by many good people. He beat the odds!

    Thank you Patrick for your part in this. And to Lisa and Sequana, I wish you happy trails!

  8. There are angels on this planet and one of them is right here in Albany. His name is name is Patrick.

  9. A bright spot! Thank you to all involved in saving this horse. He’s beautiful.

  10. Wow!! What a great story. Thanks for that life saving letter to Patrick. Amazing. Your concern And interest saved this horse. And of course, thank you Lisa. And all your work.
    Two things amazed me ..her first line Thank you for the work you do. Agreed. What a hero does , appreciate and notice others.
    And the words enjoys people.. So beautiful; only animals can be this wonderful and forgiving! God bless and happy trails.

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