“Feces and mud stain all limbs, hooves, inguinal area, and ventral abdomen.”

Through a FOIA request to the Arizona Dept. of Gaming, I have confirmed the following kills at Arizona Downs thus far this year. (I previously filed a request for Turf that covered Jan-Apr.)

(For three of the horses below – Robin’s, Perrys, Separate – full necropsy reports were not in yet.)

Robin’s Legacy, May 26, Arizona T – “fetlock fracture”

Artistic Ministry, Jun 1, Arizona R – “A comminuted fracture of the P1, with 10 larger fragments and 10-20 smaller fragments of bone identified. The deep digital flexor and common digital extensor tendons are lacerated, and there is extensive soft tissue hemorrhage surrounding the fracture site. The cartilage of the lateral condyle of the distal cannon bone is also lacerated.”

Perrys Dinamite, Jun 17, Arizona T – “sudden death” (three years old)

Separate Issue, Jun 21, Arizona S – “colic” (two years old)

Memphis Doll, Jun 30, Arizona R – “The medial sesamoid bone has a single oblique fracture. The lateral sesamoid has a comminuted fracture that splits the bone into four pieces. The intersesamoidean ligament is torn. The distal deep digital flexor tendon has a 1.5 cm tear on the lateral side. The distal superficial digital flexor tendon has a .5 cm tear medially and a 2 cm tear laterally.”

Also, here is how this young girl was presented for necropsy: “There is bright red, frothy nasal discharge from both nares. There is a laceration medial to the left eye. The tail is stained with blood. Red-brown liquid is oozing from the vulva. Feces, mud, and water stain all limbs, hooves, inguinal area, and ventral abdomen.” Words fail me.

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  1. Horrifying information about all but specifically the details about Memphis Doll’s presentation for necropsy. She must have been tortured, beaten and abused including sexually abused. Criminal charges should be filed on her behalf.

    • I wonder if the vet collected any of these fluids. It certainly would be a good source of evidence, like DNA, for the district attorney, especially for rape and for sexual abuse (beastiality) due to insertion of foreign fluids and material into her orifices. The lacerations are also clear evidence of abuse.

      • Alan, did you read the last part of the post of how the body of MEMPHIS DOLL was presented for necropsy? How is that normal for red-brown liquid to be oozing from the vulva when presented for necropsy?

        • Fluid from any orifice is not unusual, particularly given the time that might have passed since death. Blood begins to break down immediately and all tissues become saturated.

      • Not sure your point, Alan. You’re not a veterinarian, are you? If you are, why are you leaving such a callous comment without more detail?

        • What is callous? Accusing people of sexual abuse of a horse is an incredibly bizarre thing to do. No, I’m not a vet but I’ve seen dozens of dead horses. My wife has been a vet since 1989 and she has several years experience in the pathology lab. I’m quite familiar with what happens after death.

  2. There is going to be a very warm place in hell if the damages to these horses and all the other places are what we think they are.

  3. I am crying as I read this…a baby abused to death suffering God only knows what kind of horror show. Run free in Heaven beautiful baby.

  4. HORSERACING and horse-killing in Arizona needs to be shutdown forever!!!!!! These horse-killers are GUILTY OF Felony Animal Cruelty!!!!

  5. Imagine being the vets having to do the necropsy! If we had been 1 of them we would have been crying so profusely we would not have been able to see. Loss of words is putting it mildly. This poor filly & the trauma she had to endure! This needs to be put to a stop all over!

    • Fredjoan, you are so right. How can a vet or tech whoever does the necropsy keep silent when looking at these injuries. And they should be trained to see EXACTLY what caused the trauma. The silence is sickening

  6. It takes a certain type of moral degenerate to inflict these types of injuries and abuses on a living, sentient being, and another type of moral degenerate to do nothing about it. For those workers and so-called vets at the tracks who accept these horrors on a daily basis, I have nothing but revulsion. There is a special place in Hell for people who abuse children and animals, and they deserve every second of it.

  7. Memphis Doll, what horrible abuse you endured.
    This cries out for justice. Nobody, nobody, NOT EVEN the commissioners can look at that necropsy report and not be outraged.
    Time for some questions!!!!

    P.S. Lets hear from the apologists on this one!!!!

    • I agree. What can we do? At least start a petition. Sadly I don’t know how to do that. Anyone here knowledgeable?

    • I am in absolute agreement , Bonnie. And thank you to Patrick. This sickness has to be shared. Be known. Its a disgrace to us and our country.
      I am a Veteran and this makes me Ashamed to be a US citizen.

  8. There was a petition several months ago about supporting the Horseracing industry in Arizona. I have not heard any updates on that despicable petition. They want the public to prop up their abuse, brutality, cruelty and killing of racehorses with government funding.
    Has anyone contacted the Arizona State Attorney General to take legal action against this INHUMANE TREATMENT and killing of racehorses? This is Felony Animal Cruelty! These despicable scumbags in Arizona Horseracing and horse-killing need to be charged, arrested, convicted, sentenced and locked up with the other rapists, murderers and incorrigible repeat offenders!!!

  9. I emailed this horrific information to both Peninsula Pacific Entertainment who has been hired to operate Arizona Downs and the Arizona Department of Gaming.


    In addition AZ State Senators:

    Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (Democrat), 202-224-4521 in Washington, 602-598-7327 in Phoenix, 520-639-7080 in Tucson; https://www.sinema.senate.gov/contact-kyrsten

    Sen. Mark Kelly (Democrat), 202-224-2235 in Washington, 602-671-7901 in Phoenix, 520-475-5177 in Tucson, 928-420-7732 in Prescott; https://www.kelly.senate.gov/

  10. Sometimes there is discharge from the orifices after death but “bright red” is quite unusual along with “red-brown liquid” oozing from the vulva when rectal leakage is more likely.
    Add the laceration medial to the eye, the blood stains on the tail, the feces plus mud makes one ask what was done to this filly?!!
    Further, I have seen a lot of dead bodies, animal and human, and leakage is not common.

    • It is definitely disturbing and it is frustrating as well that the more information that is given, the more questions it raises that beg to be asked. There is more to this particular killing of a racehorse, MEMPHIS DOLL, than we know for sure. We also don’t know how many hours passed from the time she was raced and killed to the time her body was presented for necropsy. I have heard that if you want a veterinarian to do an autopsy, it must be done within 24 hours of the animal dying. I don’t know if there is any different time-lapse or time limit requirement for a necropsy.

      • A necropsy is the medical term for an autopsy. I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding about what a necropsy is. Generally it determines cause of death and any gross changes that may have contributed. In this case I’m sure the cause of death is euthanasia resulting from the injuries incurred. There’s no “time limit” but the sooner the better. In this case necropsies are done by the MWUCVM pathology lab. Post is at 2:30, so there’s no way the necropsy was performed that day assuming the lab closes at 5:00. My guess is the next day if they weren’t backed up. In the meantime, I’m sure the body was not refrigerated and it gets pretty hot in Arizona. It had to lie around, get loaded into a trailer, and driven to the lab. Autolysis is accelerated by heat so I’m sure the body was already soupy and leaking by the time it was necropsied. I don’t find anything unusual about any of this. Leaking is the normal result of autolysis and external injuries were probably caused by flailing after she went down. My wife worked in the pathology lab part time while she was in vet school. They tried to take the large animals that couldn’t be refrigerated before the small animals if they could but they sometimes did get backed up.

        • Thank you, Alan. As far as the time limit question goes, my youngest brother had one of his beef cows have a calf that died at birth in the late 1970s or early 1980s. It was very strange in that the umbilical cord was coming out of its head instead of the normal spot from the middle of the underside. A day or so later, the mother cow also died. My brother wanted the local veterinarian to do an autopsy on the deformed calf. That is the only incident where I have heard that there was a time limit on doing a necropsy on an animal. According to the vet, my brother had waited too long. The body had been outside on the ground so no refrigeration.

  11. What a shame how these people abuse these beautiful horses they say every dog has his day they will get whats coming to them

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