Call to Action: 14-Year-Old Raced Again Last Night (Last, 17 Lengths Back); To Be Raced Again Tomorrow

An update on the 14-year-old mare Annadu: She was raced again at Great Falls last evening; she finished dead last, over 17 lengths back. Even worse, she is scheduled for the whip again tomorrow – yes, two days later. And that will make it three races in nine days. Her primary abusers remain Narsis Reevis, owner; Wayne Smith, trainer.

Keep the pressure on:

Great Falls Turf Club: 406-727-4249, 406-750-4268;; facebook
Racing Secretary Gary Koepplin: 406-452-1110
President Sparky Kottke: 406-781-6599
Montana Dept. of Commerce (which oversees racing): 406-841-2700; contact form


  1. Narsis Reevis, the owner of ANNADU, has two other horses, THREE RED SEVENS and MY FOOLISH BEAU that he also races 2 days in a row. I don’t know how much time off from racing he allows these horses to have. This is a five-day race meet at a fairgrounds in Great Falls, Montana so I am wondering what is next for ANNADU, THREE RED SEVENS, and MY FOOLISH BEAU.

  2. Called Great Falls Turf Club at the first number and left a VM for Sparky. Emailed Montana Dept of Commerce and spoke in real life to Gary Koepplin, who said that if a horse has come in first at any time in the last year of racing in Montana (which is 2019 due to COVID cancelling 2020 races), and she passes the vet check before, during and after the race she can run. He said he would look into it though and he made note of the call.

    • Christine, that was great for you to do that and to actually speak to G. Koepplin. I will call, too. I am a bit awkward as I don’t know horses but will do my best.

  3. I spoke with the racing secretary Gary Koepplin and offered a home to take in Annadu. I have an acre and a half a loving home to offer her. She deserves not to be run into the ground, this makes my heart hurt. He said someone would “return my call during normal business hours”.

  4. Marina, that is wonderful. Reevis is not making any money off her any more. She is at the end and only made about $270 this year. Her lifetime earnings are around $77,000 anyway. Do we need to take up a collection in order to buy Annadu? Yes — let’s keep calling and calling all of them. Also Narsis Reevis has a Facebook page.

    • He has the option to say “No, she’s not for sale.” If you’re an outsider, you could get the brush-off as in “don’t call us, we’ll call you” more or less. If you are there with the ***cash***money***, selling her to an outsider might interest him. There’s a 50/50 chance — a 50% chance he won’t sell her and a 50% chance he will sell ANNADU. I think the only real way that he’s going to be interested in selling her is through the claiming race, but that’s my opinion. I think he could/would still use her in the Native American Tribal relay races at the State Fairs and wherever other places they have relay races using more than one horse in one race. At least, the riders ride bareback and don’t use the starting gates for relay races.

      • Wanda – thanks and I agree that claiming her is the most certain way to get her. But who here can arrange that?

        • Jan, that’s a good question and I wish I knew. The thing is there’s today, Saturday, July 31st, and tomorrow, Sunday, August 1st, and then the Great Falls Turf Club racing meet is over, until next year. Hopefully, someone can establish a positive relationship with the owner, Narsis Reevis.

          • Wanda and Mary – so we have a year to investigate and get a plan together to claim her.

            • That is one way to look at it, Jan. I’m hoping for someone else who has more knowledge and skills in dealing with racing people in the industry (than I have) to contact him, and praying for a favorable outcome for this mare. She’s done, as far as racing and being competitive is concerned. Let’s stick with this, okay?

              • Wanda – I agree that she is done being competitive, but still begs the questions – who will step in and save her from this?

  5. I called the racing secretary. Told him it is cruel and inhumane to have this mare run again. Owners and trainer should be brought before the stewards and read the riot act for letting this poor mare run she should be retired to a good home. Please make sure she doesn’t end up at slaughterhouse.

    • Mary,
      That is awesome that you told him that. If he has any sense of right and WRONG at all, I would think that he would feel about TWO INCHES TALL and feel like cowering under the table. As the Racing Secretary, he accepts/accepted the entry of each horse and the entry fees. I also wonder what kind of vet check is done and what is the Great Falls Turf Club’s criteria for whether or not a horse is fit to run knowing a lot of the horses (that he accepted) ran on more than one day from July 24, 25, 30, 31 and (tomorrow) August 1, 2021. This defies common sense and common decency for any of these people to do these things deliberately to these horses that will do anything you ask of them.

      • Right, Wanda. I don’t trust a vet associated with the racing industry, anyway. I got the impression that they pretty much do whatever is asked of them by owners/trainers.

  6. Sadly, this is typical of these 1/2 mile bull ring seasonal meets. We have seen many horses run back to back days here in the NW. Many of these horses have what is known as back class & still run just by habit & duty.We have handled such horses with fetlocks as large as grapefruit.Older mares seem to be very much the most abused probably due to there not having good enough pedigrees for the breeding side of the industry.

  7. fredjoan – Annadu has an excellent pedigree and has been bred just recently and then raced right away. Her situation is beyond miserable. I posted a link to her pedigree here a few days ago. She is so strong and has endured where others may not have lasted this long. Annadu has heart and endurance beyond!!!! She deserves a better life.

      • I do not know the name. I only read from someone here that she had foaled and then went right back to racing afterwards.

    • Absolutely barbaric to race or have a in foal mare performing stressful exercise! Agreed she deserves a much better life! Will look up her pedigree.

  8. I did call the office of G Koepplin and was told he’s not available. I explained very politely what I was calling about ie to ask not to race her again. The secretary to him said “he is not the one to make the decision” and seemed not willing to go further than that. She said, “others make that decision” and I said I guess trainer or owner. She was very cool acting, not wanting to discuss. Should I call the owner or trainer? I agree with Wanda that maybe someone experienced with this kind of contact is better.

    • This is called for one pass the buck and for two the “gatekeeper” will screen calls as it dawned on them the nature of the calls.

  9. OK, I won’t keep posting every call or comment to them, but I just left a voice mail to Great Falls Turf Club: 406-727-4249 to ask them not to race her again tomorrow and to consider the offer for a home by Marina.

    • Martha, your efforts and comments are always appreciated. Dealing with people who have no conscience about exploiting horses to death is something I don’t know how to do without having a negative outcome. If a person has to ask me “what the f*** am I complaining about?” when discussing the BLM Mustang adoption program on Facebook, there is no way to get that person to all of a sudden have scruples. The mentality is basically the same in horseracing, as you know. Horses of all kinds are used and abused for the money. Period.

    • Thank you for posting this, Mary Rose Smith. Narsis Reevis, owner of ANNADU, is pictured in a news story about the Indian Relay races. The title is: “Wet conditions mark opening night of All Nations Indian Relay Championship” by Mike Kordenbrock at Billings Gazette, Sep. 22, 2016. It is informative especially if one is not familiar with the culture. I had not known of the existence of the Professional Indian Horse Racing Association until reading this article.

  10. Just in case anyone posting re the mare, Annadu., is interested any longer. She was a veterinarian scratch with the following notation : Scratch Me (Stewards)

    • Just wondering if calls related to her the past few days brought on the scratch today??? Just out of fear that maybe she would not have survived the race.

    • Rose, of course, we are still interested in what happens to ANNADU. Thank you for sharing this information!!! It defies common sense to race any horse that many times in a row. Thank God for someone with responsibllty to scratch horses did their job!!! I was wondering if the position of State Regulator of HORSERACING in Montana was vacant and they needed someone to fill this position. Seriously…

    • Scratch Me was a separate horse, Rose. Annadu was scratched by the vet, Scratch Me by the stewards. The latter, by the way, was raced just yesterday (plus a week ago). So, owner/trainer Clifton Dennis was set to race him on back-to-back days. Great Falls is disgusting.

      • Thank you for clarifying the names of the horses, Patrick. I think these people are trying to make up for lost time in racing their horses into the ground since it’s only a five-day meet at Great Falls. Even so, I am sure they would not be any less despicable if they had more racing days on their calendar.

  11. Search Equibase. click on results at top of page (full charts or quick results) then scroll down to the track, click on the appropriate race date which will show the results of races already over that time of the day..
    Other info. Is easy to find once you are on the the site….

  12. YES, it is, Patrick.
    And thanks, I guess because of the horse’s odd name, I didn’t realize there were 2 scratches for that race!
    It didn’t register!!

  13. Look at this guys fb page. He definitely does not care about them. He reminds me of one of those ppl who pretend to be a surgeon but hold a fake license. There has got to be something he is in violation of.

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