Filly Killed at Mountaineer

The 3-year-old filly Mercedes Machen in the 2nd at Mountaineer last night: “MERCEDES MACHEN broke sharply to clear early, was hooked on the turn taking a bad step near quarter pole having to be euthanized.”

“having to be euthanized”

This is horseracing.


  1. HORSERACING is Animal Cruelty! Horseracing means certain death for young colts and fillies as a matter of routine. Horseracing is cruel and barbaric! Horse racing means certain death to so many horses both young and younger. This is cruel!!! How many dead horses is “too many” dead horses in this business of extreme brutalization of horses for gambling bets????
    DEAD HORSES in this business of using horses FOR RACING AND WAGERS is a GIVEN!!!! The killing of racehorses in HORSERACING won’t stop because this is not horsemanship!!!! This is an industry that is rampant with morally depraved individuals!!!!! Horses are abused to death and replaced with younger horses that face the same cruelty ending in death by inhumane treatment. This vicious cycle of using horses for gambling bets and financial gain and brutalizing them to death is never-ending!!!
    Ban Horseracing!!!!

  2. I take it she was killed on the track. This report didn’t even bother to mention where her life was ended. So indicative of the powers over her and their regard for Mercedes Machen. Another baby ground up in the machine of horseracing.

    • It does. “Broke sharply to clear early,…bad step near quarter pole,…”

  3. John W. Baird was the owner and trainer of this 3-year-old Filly. The payout/purse money for RHUBARB, John W. Baird’s other entry in this same race, was $165.00/One-Hundred Sixty-Five Dollars for finishing last out of 8 horses starting and 7 horses crossing the Finish line.
    MERCEDES MACHEN was raced once before her THIRD BIRTHDAY and three times after her THIRD BIRTHDAY for a total of FOUR STARTS all in the year of 2021.
    This is such a depraved industry of DEGENERATE people. Shut this horror show of Animal Cruelty down!!! HORSERACING is the thing that NIGHTMARES ARE MADE OF!!!!!!!!

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