“Bled From Nostrils, Crossed Wire in a Struggle” (But Owner/Trainer Still Made Money)

In the 4th at Belterra Wednesday, Jokingly “[was] through early, dropped far back, bled from nostrils, [and] crossed wire in a struggle.” This was the 6-year-old’s 13th time under the whip, all for owner/trainer Anna Chambless. Over those 13 races, she has never finished higher than 5th and her combined lengths-back is 277 – over 20 per race. But Belterra, being a racino (flush with slots cash), is able to pay first through last. So, Ms. Chambless, animal abuser, still took home $164 in a race in which her charge “bled from nostrils” and “struggled” to cross the wire.

And more Ruidoso madness. Yesterday, in addition to the five horses who were “fractious,” the one who was “recalcitrant at the gate,” the one who “stumbled badly [at] start,” the one who was “bounced around,” the one who “reared [at] start,” the one who was “obstreperous” (resisting control or restraint, defiant – yes, I had to look it up), the one who “bucked [in] paddock [and] hit gate,” and the numerous ones who were “bumped” in various ways, there were these three:

In the 4th, Back Seat Hero was “vanned off.” Unlike the vast majority of horses being raced there yesterday (babies and pubescents, that is), Back Seat is eight, and this was his 70th time under the whip.

In the next race, Jy El Chapo “bled [and was] vanned off.” But here’s the thing, the chartwriter also noted that Jy “bothered foes [at the] break” and was subsequently disqualified for “interference.” I don’t know, but perhaps he was being such a nuisance because the bleeding – in his lungs – had already begun?

And in the 10th, Jess Cartel Eyes also “bled [and was] vanned off.”

Good, clean fun at the old racetrack.

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  1. These racing people are not exhibiting the concept of true horsemanship. These people are sadistic creeps that evidently get some kind of perverted thrill out of inflicting abuse on horses. The fact that they include the name “El Chapo” in the name of one horse named JY EL CHAPO says a lot about the mentality of these cruel abusers. The same with the use of the word “cartel” in the names of the horses. These people are sadistic enough that they should be arrested for Animal Cruelty!!!!

      • Kelly more or less said as much in a previous post. I wonder if the FBI is investigating Ed Allred and all of his “good ol’ boy” cronies who are abusing (and killing) horses and their involvement with the illegal buying and selling of drugs and so forth every day???

        • Just Google drug cartels and QH racing – you’ll have reading material for a week.

          • Thank you for the tip, Joy. However, with so many different articles and even books written about the money laundering connected with Quarter Horse racing, et cetera, it will be more than a week if I ever have time to read it all.

        • Careful, Wanda;) Old Ed’s got a lot of friends in high (low) places — and not in the folksy, appealing, Garth Brooks kind of way, either. If it weren’t for his (probably non-cartel) connections in the State Legislature, then Commissioner Wendy Mitchell’s re-appointment would have sailed right through, much to the dismay of everyone in Cali racing (drug lord or otherwise.)
          They ALL wanted her out — for daring to suggest that Los Al Horse Hell was killing too many horses, and maybe kinda sorta needed to take a break from being Ol’ Ed’s Equicide Emporium. Turns out, as soon as he called in the favor to his legislative buddies in Sacramento, and many switched up their votes to NAY on her CHRB reappointment (“We don’t know why we’re suddenly rejecting her. It’s just what we were told to do!”), they realized their names were about to be released publicly…YIKES! (Even the smarmiest politicians are ashamed to be openly affiliated with something as corrupt and sleazy as horse racing.) So nearly all quick-changed their vote again, and she’s still on the Board.
          Point is, you don’t HAVE to be a money-laundering, influence-peddling, cartel kingpin-affiliate to succeed in this sick game…
          But it certainly helps:)

  2. To the average morally intact horse owner, bleeding from the nose would be cause for alarm, but somehow, as with everything else, on the track it’s “just horseracing”. Like bits – normally if your horse had his mouth gaping open it would be concerning, but stick a piece of metal in there and it just means he’s being obnoxious and you have to tie his mouth shut.

    • The deviant mentality of the racing people make it sound almost believeable that tying a horse’s tongue keeps the horse from “swallowing” his/her tongue during the race. That makes as much sense as saying whips are for safety. It’s the DEVIANT MINDS OF HORSERACING that commit these heinous acts of cruelty against horses. It’s not horsemanship! It’s abuse!!!!

  3. Beyond awful how these horses are treated. I just wish they didn’t suffer like this. There’s no reason for it.

  4. Devient & cruel beyond reprehension! Nothing short of criminal behavior!


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