NYRA’s Shame: Another Kill at Belmont


Having just reported on Saratoga’s first racing kill of the meet, we now turn our attention back to its sister track. The Gaming Commission has disclosed that 3-year-old Fiddlers Girl was killed at Belmont Tuesday: “pelvic fracture, euthanized.” That’s victim 29 at Belmont this year, 38 at all (three) NYRA tracks. Best proven safety practices? Propaganda that would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

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    • I got it on my notifications on my phone, Nancy. The race was on the turf. There were several horses in front of her. The video was cut off a few split seconds after she dropped to the ground. I almost wonder if she was dead before she hit the ground. It was weird. I don’t watch all of the YouTube videos from the notifications I get on my phone. I don’t enjoy watching the gruesome cruelty of it all. It’s just that the general public that pays their taxes should have a right to know and a say about this horror show. It needs to be stopped!
      The NYRA evidently thinks they can dupe people into thinking that having whips is for safety. Of course, whips are for the jockeys to whip the horses to run faster and faster. There is nothing safe about that as most of the commenters here know. It’s sickening that the gamblers and handicappers are only concerned about how much money they can win. That saying, “YOU BET THEY DIE” has a double meaning. It’s very true that horses die for gaming/gambling/WAGERING HANDLE. David O’Rourke can be real proud (sarcasm) of his greedy, money-grubbing, horse-abusing, horse-killing DEGENERATE “self” for exploiting horses for gambling bets and his “shameless” promotion of gambling on horses.
      End the subsidies to horseracing/ horse-killing!!!

      • Wanda, today was the Haskell amd apparently Midnight Bourbon almost went down. Charlie was DQ’d for foul play. Paco Lopez was thrown off. I did not see the replay yet nor actual race.BUT MY HEAVEN.
        Maybe people will wake up now as there was probably a big audience in the stands and TV viewing.

        • I wonder if anyone that watches the races will take notice and realize that racing horses is barbaric brutality of horses. I discovered that a certain commenter, Molly Julia, was commenting on a different place on the internet about how much money that a certain combination of horses would return on Pari-Mutuel betting. I find it repulsive that anyone could be so heartless as to read and comment on Horseracing Wrongs and then still be making bets on horses for a possible $100 return on their gambling bets while horses are definitely suffering.
          Moral depravity is ingrained. There is no redeeming value in gambling and making bets involving Animal Cruelty. People that bet on horses need serious mental health evaluation and counseling and some people need to be in prison for what they do to animals!!!!!

  1. This doesn’t even make the news here in New York, not considered important at all.

  2. My heart breaks – HOW COULD THEY — you’d think “they’d” appreciate everything the Horses do for them — INSTEAD, they abuse, torment, torture, MURDER the Horses – Oh, how I loathe the HORSERACING Industry — I LOATHE them all who participate in this abhorrent RACKET — abuse and death are par for the course — SHUT DOWN this amoral, cruel, depraved, unconscionable, wimpy, fearful business.

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