What Does “Fractious” Mean to You?

The “Futurity Trials” were run at Ruidoso Downs yesterday. As the name suggests, the “contestants” were all babies – 2-year-olds. How did they respond? Well, in addition to multiple “bumps” – some “bad,” “hard” – in practically every race, and frequent “stumbles,” there were these:

The Rite Path “hard to load” (also “bumped 2x [at] break”)
Kiss My Hot Socks “fractious [in] gate”
Oliver Cromwell “fractious [in] gate”
Big Hustler “hard to load”
Sippin Jordan “fractious”
Eye Am Valiant “fractious, reared, lost rider”
Earthquake McGoon “fractious [in] gate”
Jess Reloaded “fractious [in] gate”
Royal Snow Eagle “fractious”
Five Bar Fireball “fractious behind gate”

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  1. Of children, fractious means irritable and quarrelsome, more or less. It can also mean unruly and difficult to control.
    In HORSERACING, fractious means that sadistic, money-grubbing, horse-abusing, horse-killing DEGENERATE people are giving it their all to force young, immature colts and fillies to do something that is completely uncomfortable and unnatural to the horses! These greedy, morally depraved individuals are attempting to gain dominance and control over the horses to EXPLOIT the horses’ natural animal instinct to protect themselves from predatory behavior by running away from the threat on his/her life. The natural instinct of horses to protect themselves is called “fight or flight” and that is what these young colts and fillies are doing because they are afraid for their safety and well-being. These young colts and fillies are fighting the things they fear!

    Supposedly, the starting gate was a “great” invention. For horse-abusing, horse-killing, money-grubbing, degenerates who use and abuse horses as gambling chips for $2.00 bets or any other WAGERING HANDLE “product” amount, such as the new Rainbow pick-six for $0.20, the starting gates are making it somewhat easier for the morally depraved humans to have more “accurate” times recorded from start to finish of a race distance determined by humans, not by horses. The faster the times, the more money they charge for stud fees and that’s a big deal in HORSERACING. It’s all Animal Cruelty and must be recognized as the criminal activity that it is!!!

  2. These horses are resisting what is being done to them. They are terrified. Their natural instinct is to try to escape what they perceive as danger and, of course, they are spot on!!!
    Further, these horses are 2yrs old which is way too young to be forced into the confines of the gate before being sprung (with the accompanying noisy bell) into terrifying chaos while the little whip wielding creatures on their immature backs “jockey” for position…

    In racing the horses are forced into submission. They are not trained.

  3. Ha, that’s an easy one:
    “Fractious” is how an old-timer gambling degenerate gets when one of the “rats” he’s wasted his golden years (and life’s income) studying and betting on goes and does something downright rude to him — like snapping a leg or two at the exact moment grandpa’s about to collect on a windfall Super-TrifectExactQuinPick-20ella Boxed Wager, which woulda, coulda, shoulda netted him enough “winnings” to throw away at the track for the next, say, two weeks. (Or, for the rest of his life, whichever comes first.)
    Either way, he’ll be “fractious” toward everyone who has the misfortune of coming in contact with him.

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