“Heart Attack” Fells 5-Year-Old at Vernon Downs

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Apocalypse died on the Vernon Downs track after a race Friday – “heart attack,” they’re calling it. Apocalypse was just five years old. Heart attack. What a foul, disgusting business. This, by the way, marks the seventh harness death in NY this year; that, is an extraordinary number.

New York horseracing receives almost $250 million in corporate welfare every year – taxpayer handouts keeping afloat a (for the most part) dying industry. This constitutes a triple wrong: it’s an affront to our free-market system; it cheats schoolchildren out of millions of desperately-needed education dollars; and most important to us here, it allows for the continued abuse and killing of intelligent, sensitive, beautiful creatures.

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  1. Bob Baffert hired a new Attorney to lie for him…Humans lives matter…so as Animals…stop killing horses .. Steve Assmussen, Chad brown, Brad Cox, when will they ban these 3 ??

  2. Besides the ABUSE and killing of horses being a horrible, unacceptable wrong, gambling is a vice no matter who does it. The lure of easy money or whatever it is that entices human beings to place bets on horses is a selfish act that has negative impacts in many ways and on many levels. The corporate welfare to horseracing definitely needs to be stopped and the sooner, the better.
    R.I.P. APOCALYPSE 💔💔💔💔💔

    • Is this how it works for you, Barb? You come here, of all places, hoping to commiserate with fellow horseplayers about the money you lost when a horse got KILLED? I assure you, there’s plenty of other racing fans who actually celebrated his breakdown because it MADE them some cash. (Though most of ’em are smart enough to keep their inner-cheerleader quiet while they cash their winning tickets.) Cha-Ching!

    • “Barbara” your heartlessness and callousness has no place here and it’s as atrocious as your spelling. I don’t even know how to qualify people like you but I will ask this… how in God’s name do you sleep at night knowing you willingly and, may I add, excitingly, contributed to poor Woodbury’s DEATH? Perhaps the time has come for you to evaluate your priorities $2 bets or horses’ lives.. should be a no brainer

    • Another morally bankrupt individual excitedly throwing away money on the exploitation, abuse, and death of a non-consenting sentient being. So sorry to hear that damn horse couldn’t have waited to drop dead until after he crossed the finish line for you, right, Barbara? Hope his death didn’t mess up your afternoon of good, clean family entertainment.

  3. I strongly encourage New Yorkers and people in other states to contact their elected officials on behalf of racehorses!

  4. Yeah, Barbara and they were starting him every 2 weeks – running him into the ground probably riddled with ulcers and God only knows what else was going on with that poor horse.
    And Too bad you lost a few dollars, Barbara!!! The horse lost his life!!!!
    You and all gamblers are losers in every sense of the word.

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