HW Turns Out 100 Protestors at the Stakes

Our 100 activists-strong protest at the Belmont Stakes Saturday, presented in video (courtesy of fellow advocacy group “Their Turn”) and pics. (We also had a good day with media, with no fewer than four interviews, including this from CBS Radio.)

(This event wrapped up our Triple Crown campaign, featuring, most prominently, six mobile billboards. Your support allows us to continue this work – the work to end horseracing in the United States. Please consider joining the herd. Thank you.)

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  1. My sincere thanks to all of you for your courage in speaking out against this insane industry. Media exposure is so crucial to informing the general public about what really goes on in racing. Wish I could have joined you!

  2. Thousands of race horses are bothered annually, this MUST STOP , BOYCOTT HORSE RACING!! JAIL STEVE ASSMUSSEN, CHAD BROWN AND BRAD COX..NOW !!

  3. Wish I could have been there! But I have some stickers on my car, so I try to “protest” wherever I go.

  4. Once again, all you peaceful protestors hit the ball out of the park.
    A huge shoutout to all of you.
    Years ago the sad truth about horse racing was covered-up really good by their public relations stunts.
    Not anymore thanks to people speaking out whether it’s protesting, educating, writing, emailing, and phoning politicians and what a great radio interview.

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