Stephen Colbert Rips Horseracing

Stephen Colbert weighs in on Bob Baffert, but of far more import, horseracing in general. As you’ll see, he gets it. Don’t miss the forest for the trees, folks. It’s not about betamethasone. (This clip came from “The Late Show’s” official YouTube channel.)

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  1. Thanks Stephen – you get it.
    I’m grateful for this site and for anybody who is dedicated to being a voice for racehorses who are forced into a torture chamber on a daily basis only to be abused for gambling bets.
    This is no different than greyhound dog racing, pit bull dogs forced into a ring for bets – it’s all the same only horse racing has been brainwashing the public into thinking that it’s done in the name of “royalty” and treating their horses like a “family member.”
    Their forever grassy paddocks are really the slaughterhouse floor.
    Speak out against this business, do your part, do something, but don’t do anything at all.

    • AMEN, Gina – we can all do something and I, too, am grateful to everyone who does their part no matter how insignificant they think it might be! EVERY voice matters!

      And THANK YOU, Stephen Colbert!

  2. Patrick – strike while the iron is hot and contact Stephen Colbert about appearing on his show!

  3. “For the pleasure of drunk humans” . Now that clip will do more to help horseracing than hurt it. People making these kinds of remarks are going to offend many others. And when someone offends you, you don’t want to listen. I think his rhetoric was too vicious. And he does not know his population, I mean those people who like racing and bet on it are not drunk boors. Some may be, but many are good people who are going out for a pleasant day to have some fun and relaxation. He will turn off too many people to his message. I just learned this in Writing 101. When you seek to persuade someone, its better to ask questions and provide data than attack like this. Sorry Patrick. This Colbert clip is a loser. The story I read on Twitter about a man who loved Bob Baffert until he heard Bob talking about Charismatic after the horse broke down in his last race. Bob was supposed to have said “its alright, I have many more 2 year old is the barn”. Now that was powerful.

    • You know NOTHING about what happens to the horses that are forced to race. You are, in fact, writing to protect your own interests and this writer (and thoroughbred horse rescuer) doesn’t buy it for a second. You are ignorant and arrogant. It is a FACT that 70% of the thoroughbred foal crop of ANY given year will EVENTUALLY go to slaughter. Or they die or become disabled at the track and/or due to racing. Sorry, marymbaggaley, but your opinion is beyond offensive – it shows NO concern of what happens to these beautiful and immature animals who are forced to run for your viewing pleasure. Does this make you a good person? NO. Learn a thing or two before you run your privileged mouth about it. Writing 101 will remind you of the dangers of not knowing or caring what you’re blabbing about.

    • Marymbaggaley, please go back to that planet you came from where everyone is so “wigged out” that no one notices any difference. On this planet, we notice! By the way, marymbaggaley, you forgot to ask questions before you made a complete idiot of yourself. Remember, you are not the only person who has an opinion and you are not the only one who may express your opinion, marymbaggaley. In case you missed it, this blog is about ending the vile bloodsport of running horses to catastrophic breakdowns and subsequent death. If I were as deprived of knowledge and common sense as you appear to be, I would find a class in common sense 101. HorseracingisAnimalCruelty!!!!!

    • The 99% of the population that he’s talking to are not offended. He’s not talking to those who attend or participate in racing, they are not going to be persuaded.

    • Vicious??? Yes, but not Stephen Colbert. It’s horse racing that is vicious. Forcing animals to run by whipping them and which often results in broken legs is certainly vicious. I suggest you check the statistics for deaths for the Santa Ana race track in Southern CA alone. It’s staggering. What’s even more vicious as well as morally and ethically bankrupt is that when the owners of these animals are done exploiting them, after they have run their hearts out for these greedy, mega rich slimeballs, they are very often sent off to slaughter. There is nothing that’s humane or morally acceptable about horse racing. Stephen Colbert is right. It only exists because some people like to gamble. And yes, I’m sure many of these lowlifes are drunk. Shame on anyone who thinks this is okay.

  4. Injustice, yes! But the injustice to the horse(s) comes strictly from Baffert and racing, day after day, as Colbert stated so well.
    Baffert, like racing, is irredeemable.
    They will never connect the dots!

  5. I’ve always enjoyed Stephen Colbert’s political views, but now I really appreciate him for his most eloquent and compassionate comments regarding the vile horse racing industry, and Bob Baffert’s treatment of horses….all for a $2.00 bet!

  6. THANK YOU, Stephen — like the rest of us, you’re disgusted with this VILE industry and its depraved indifference — we MUST SHUT it DOWN.

  7. Thanks so much to Stephen for calling attention to this horrible “sport”.

  8. Yes!!! That’s what I like about Stephen Colbert. He isn’t stupid!!!🤗🤗🤗


  9. 2nd race at belmont today 5/14/2021 Latin love bug euthanized on track. Whats that now 34 dead horses so far this year and its only half way through may.

  10. Thank you Mr. Colbert. While I don’t agree with you on alot of subjects, this is one that I do.

  11. Stephen Colbert is an asshole but at least in this instance, he is correct. And why do we have to be concerned about offending people by lumping the families in with the gambling addicts? If you have no problem taking your young children to an event where animals are being blatantly beaten and, in many instances, killed right in front of them, then you have no moral high ground compared to those who are just there to slap a $2 bet on the head of an exploited horse.

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