If This Is Okay, You’ve Lost Your Moral Compass

I was able to get a view of Runs for Luck collapsing at Parx Tuesday. Watch this poor, poor animal hitting the dirt – then witness the beatings administered to the others. All, for $2 bets. End the madness, America.

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  1. It isn’t obvious why RUNS FOR LUCK collapsed and fell in the dirt of the racetrack other than he was AGGRESSIVELY FORCED TO GALLOP UNDER SADDLE AND RIDER. Did he have any broken bones? If Governor Wolf could stop the subsidies to horseracing in PENNSYLVANIA all by himself, I have no doubt that he would stop the subsidies now. However, it’s more complicated than just one Governor, obviously.


      • I wonder that too, Nancy. I doubt it though. I would be surprised if they ever release any necropsy pictures, assuming that he is dead.

      • Doesn’t bode well for him, even if he did survive. Given his connections — and the fact he was raced at one of the most corrupt and prolific killing tracks in the country — there’s a good chance these assholes at Parx are keeping him alive to collect what they can from the Meat Man.
        Because, in the racing world, it’s always better to MAKE several hundred bucks off your investment than to spend it. Their motto is: “Don’t euthanize. Capitalize!”

        • When you get right down to the nitty gritty, it seems like it would cost more money in veterinary services to keep RUNS FOR LUCK alive than the killbuyer would pay. In the “old days” before horses had to be hauled hundreds of miles to a slaughterhouse, I can imagine the killbuyer might have taken a horse in his condition, maybe. The thing is I don’t know his exact condition. I don’t have any realistic expectations that this horse is still alive. He would get trampled by the other horses on a three-day ride in a sealed truck. Just saying.

  2. I have a feeling it was not due to a broken limb he went down as he never bothered to try and get back up. Eight Bells tried to get up and both her front legs were broken. RUNS FOR LUCK just raised his head a bit then laid it back down while the rest of his body just laid there. If it was a heart attack I think his legs would have straightened out and sort of twitched. He laid there and just gave into it. He knew his misery was over and just relaxed and gave into it, death being “it”.

    • I believe you are correct, Carolyn. I think it might have been drugs administered before the race and exhaustion. Other than that, it is not for the public to know in this dirty game. That is if horseracing can be called a game. It’s a gambling game. It attracts the undesirable people with undesirable intentions and undesirable motivations who stay in it year after year for decades.

  3. Please be advised that I’ve submitted a FOIA request to the PA Horse Racing Commission today.
    I await their response.
    I’ve requested the status of RUNS FOR LUCK and I’ve also requested the necropsy report if applicable.
    This information must be provided under our laws and if it isn’t provided I have an attorney on stand-by who will proceed with the request and any applicable laws.
    I will post results on this post for all those concerned as soon as I receive it.
    That said, based on years of experience, RUNS FOR LUCK PP’s, the Trainer Patricia Farro who has a long history of claiming and killing racehorses, and the fact that they claimed another racehorse while RFL was collapsing in the dirt all points to death.
    Anything else would be some sort of a sham.
    Now we all know that this entire widespread state-sanctioned racehorse abuse enables racehorse abusers and killers like Patricia Farro and so many others.
    However, Ms. Farro is a grown adult who makes decisions for herself who has obviously decided to participate and perpetrate extreme racehorse abuse, suffering and dying so, as far as I’m concerned, she’s not getting off the hook from me.
    She will be held accountable, in whatever legal capacity or however minimal that will be, given the extraordinary above-the-law operations of horse racing.

    • Good luck with your pursuit, Gina! I don’t know if it is exactly appropriate to notify the Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania in this matter. I think it’s very appropriate!!! Let the AG decide if he/she can do something regarding the endless abuse and killing of racehorses at Parx Race Course by the notorious serial killer of Thoroughbred horses, Patricia Farro, and the whole industry as far as that goes.

  4. AND, this is just the tip of the iceberg — On a scale of 1-10, this deplorable industry is a minus 5 — not to mention the treatment of Horses behind the scenes —- the indifferent, disrespectful, abhorrent, cruel treatment of Horses is repulsive —- Horses are LIVING Beings – NOT crates of shoes — SHUT DOWN this VILE industry.

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