10-Year-Old Collapses in His 85th Race

10-year-old Runs for Luck “collapsed” in the 5th at Parx yesterday. It was his 85th race. While I don’t have official confirmation yet, “collapsed” almost always means dead – especially when you’re 10. Current exploiters: Vaccaro Racing, Patricia Farro.

The replay doesn’t show the fall; all we get from the track announcer are comments like “and the trailer, Runs for Luck” and “at the back, Runs for Luck.” And then just this: “One did go down there at the back of the field.” Yes, “one” – an intelligent, sensitive, fully conscious being, probably in the throes of dying. Oh, how they love their horses.

And at Mountaineer yesterday, Wild Winter, 11, was put to the whip for the 101st time. 11 years old, 101 races: all horseracing is animal abuse; this is egregious abuse. Current exploiters: Algarcon Stables, Cally Ann Herrington.

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  1. What a disgrace. The words haven’t been invented to describe my anger at the people involved in this “sport”.

  2. I’m new to recognizing the abuse, exploitation of these beautiful horses. I’m overcome with grief at every death, every injury. Never, ever will I look upon horseracing as entertainment, it’s a disgrace. I will never enter a casino involved in this horrendous sport where athletes pay with their own death or are horribly injured for life and sent most likely to slaughter. I feel the ultimate sadness for these poor creatures that are inhumanely treated often drugged to perform. They should have the respect and dignity they deserve.

  3. This is criminal!! Animal abuse!!! Because it “makes money” it continues! Racing needs to end but something needs to be done now to stop this abuse!

  4. RUNS FOR LUCK was having great difficulty and his tail up like that meant he was in pain. His jockey never had any idea what was going on with the horse underneath him?
    I hate to think what this poor horse was experiencing – how utterly sickening!

    • Pure and simple abuse. Most of these jockeys don’t have a clue and don’t give a damn about the horses, anyway.
      And that Baffert guy has the nerve to say “why is this happening to me”.
      A better question is why is this happening to the horses ??!!
      That is the important question that begs to be answered.

  5. PYTHON PAT = Patricia Farro.
    I want people to know that this is a low life parasitic scum asp who kills racehorse after racehorse with her partner in crime Vacarro Racing Stable and with other partners.
    Their modus operandi is that most racehorses they claim are racehorses that have earned more than enough money for a safe retirement, but with asps like Python Pat their chances of making it out of her racing stable alive is next to nil.
    If they escape her life sucking squeeze than it’s only due to getting claimed for another round of abuse.
    RUNS FOR LUCK her latest victim and I just knew this was going to happen when she claimed him on 02/10/2021 after he’s been shuffled from parasite to parasite, but she’s the ultimate squeezer because very few make it out of her this killers life-sucking squeeze. .
    This gelding made $516,363, he EARNED his money unlike this asp, he EARNED a soft landing and SAFE retirement.
    Does your industry not have even one ounce of compassion for these racehorses?
    This is heartbreaking for me and I’m so upset about this, I just seem to recover from one she’s killed and then another gets killed under her custody.
    This lady isn’t a “Trainer” this lady is a murderess – a serial racehorse killer that preys and grabs onto these older geldings then she squeezes the life out of them.
    If this weren’t bad enough Python Pat and Vacarro Racing Stable claimed another victim while RUNS FOR LUCK was laying in the dirt dying.
    You can’t make this stuff up.
    They claimed a horse called FLASHY KYEM probably with money that Runs For Luck made them.
    Flashy Kyem is a 8 y.o gelding who has made over $481,394 and that’s STILL NOT ENOUGH to ensure a soft landing a retirement that he earned and deserved – they all deserve it!
    This business is so vile and is full of so many sadistic, cruel, abusive, sociopaths that perpetrate brutality, torture and killing on their innocent victims.

    • Follow-up: I just reviewed Patricia Farro’s long list of PA horse racing violations for the last 5 years.
      Like all horse racing parasites they perpetrate and force dope into the racehorses veins, muscles, and joint in order to keep them going.
      Total disregard for the racehorses and on 4/30/2017 and on 5/9/2017 BIG TOWN tested positive for a huge dose of METH.
      No, it wasn’t enough to administer this potent drug to poor BIG TOWN she had to do it twice.
      Equine METHOCARBAMOL is prescribed to horses for “acute inflammatory and traumatic conditions of the skeletal muscle to reduce muscle spasm and effect striated-muscle relaxation.” It frequently is used in combination with other drugs to treat exertional rhabdomyolysis. In horses that are severely tied up, especially those that are dehydrated or have discolored urine, simultaneous treatment with large volumes of intravenous fluids frequently is recommended.
      Can you imagine somebody having to give this type of medication to a racehorse who is so severely damaged in their entire muscoskeletal system that they have to be pumped up with meth in order to race?
      She has 15 other doping violations most involving large overdoses of Clenbuterol and she’s still licensed every year to go back and do it again never being suspended.
      Obvious that she’s training for people on the racing commission or CEO’s of tracks because you don’t get away with this extensive doping record unless somebody at “city hall” is involved with you – get what I’m saying?
      This is flat out pure evil and this lady is pure evil scum and it becomes clear that even an asp has more compassion in their viper pit than this piece of shit.

      • IF it weren’t for the vile people in ownership and management of the racetracks and WAGERING HANDLE, this scum ball licensed ABUSER of Thoroughbred horses would not have a place to go to do this horrendously unthinkable crime of abuse against horses. That is so convenient for these evil people to say they can’t disclose the fact of whether RUNS FOR LUCK is dead or alive. Patrick will have to do the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST in order to find out what we already suspect. Such horse-killing, money-grubbing FILTH at racetracks.

        # HorseracingisAnimalCruelty

      • Gina good for you for calling her out. Why is there nothing in the racing industry that prevents scum-holes from running horses to death like this long after they should have been retired??

        • Connie,
          Horses are just gambling chips to the racetracks. As long as you are asking the question of why allow scum-holes (anyone morally depraved enough) to run “mature” horses to death, it is fair to ask the question, “WHY is it allowed to run YEARLINGS, TWO-YEAR-OLDS, THREE-YEAR-OLDS, FOUR-YEAR-OLDS, FIVE-YEAR-OLDS & SO ON to death???? Why is it allowed to completely violate the moral and ethical code of decency and true horsemanship? Why is it allowed to start immature colts and fillies under saddle and AGGRESSIVELY FORCE them to gallop and gallop FAST while carrying the weight of saddle and RIDER at all??? It is ALL ABUSE!!!! Why is it allowed to use various abusive and dishonest practices to manipulate the outcome of a race and therefore the WAGERING pool by doing horribly CRUEL things to horses so some racetrack owners and operators can rake in millions of dollars? Why should the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association(s) be allowed to profit from the willful ABUSE AND EXPLOITATION OF HORSES AT ALL??? Abusing horses at any age is WRONG!!! HorseracingisAnimalCruelty.

    • This “noble sport” continues to provide the venue and enable this so-called trainer ( and many , many others) to drug and kill one horse after another.
      This sick business is equally responsible for the abuse and death of these horses.
      Further, when the officials are asked about particularly egregious instances of cruelty. The usual answers are, we leave it up to the trainer, or it is not against the rules, etc.
      These excuses are laughable since racing makes its own rules. There are no rules to protect the horse, conveniently!

      • They just want more horses to run in more races to make their money from more wagers made on each horse by the bettors and the “rule” is any racehorse that can be saddled and AGGRESSIVELY FORCED to carry a rider and walk to the starting gate is “fair game” to these people in this bloodsport.

    • My heart breaks to hear this! I had ZERO idea that they claimed and raced horses over 4 or 5… This is criminal and pure evil abuse!

    • Nancy, the stewards working at PARX informed me that they can’t disclose that information, but directed me to the State Vet who attended to RUNS FOR LUCK.
      I contacted the State Vet and she informed me that she’s not allowed to give out this information and directed me to the State Racing Commission in Harrisburg, PA.
      They won’t answer their phone and, apparently, they never answer their phone.
      Evidently, they don’t feel that this information is public information and they don’t feel that they have to answer to the public despite the fact that they are supported by taxpayers money.
      If a lawsuit were to ensue they would lose and they should provide this information on their website.
      The State Vet also informed me that they will not release the necropsy report or whether a racehorse was insured.
      She was arrogant demanded to know my name and why I wanted to know
      I told her my name, who I was, and why I wanted to know although the explanations and details should be coming from her not me.
      One big fat secret and total lack of transparency coming out of Pennsylvania who gets 250 million per year of public subsidies to keep this killing business going.
      A day of reckoning to hold these creeps accountable is in order via legal routes.
      I realize and admit that I claimed that Runs for Luck is dead in my comments, but I’m sure that he is.
      If he didn’t die please feel free to inform me, but judging by the highly secretive system in place it seems difficult to get any information.
      The entire PA horse racing deeply corrupt scene needs to be SHUT DOWN and their funding needs to STOP.

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