HW on “The Man in the Arena”

Last week, I appeared on Ed Berliner’s “The Man in the Arena.” Here it is on YouTube:

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  1. The answer is: just BAN HORSERACING ALREADY because IT IS FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG on all counts!!!

    • Thank you Wanda. I watched the whole VIDEO…Patrick and the other Gentleman could not have been better.

  2. I wish this could be placed on PBS or on of the main stream TV networks. AOL has an article about Bob Baffert’s horse and I posted the following comment in order to reach more people. Any one who knows horses is aware of what goes on in the horse racing world is cruelty plain and simple and needs to be shut down completely. Anyone working in the racing industry is aware of the treatment of these horses. These horses are bred to suffer and die young. A horse’s growth plates do not close until the age of 5; Thoroughbreds have not been bred well in years as breeders go for speed rather then stronger bones. Racing a horse at this age is like racing a first grader – they stand in stalls 23 hours a day, they are injured and drugged so they keep running and when they are injured if they do not die they are put in the slaughter pipeline which is a horror to an animal – crowded into semi’s – sent to auction yards and then shipped to Mexico or Canada for slaughter or they are killed for the insurance. There have been many champions that were killed for insurance, were sold to overseas buyers just to end up in slaughter houses. These horse’s break legs and still try to run; they break their neck, their spines, bleeding from the lungs, have severe ulcers – what is the human race doing to these animals – animals who have feelings like we do – fear, pain, love, contentment – all for money? It is a disgrace to the human race that animals are treated this way. Watch an interview on Youtube titled: Horse racing in the US: Time to end the only “sport” where people pay to watch the athletes die.

  3. People choose to participate in sports, animals have no choice. End the subsidies, decouple racing from casinos, end this blood sport NOW. Thank you for this post Ed Berliner and Patrick Batteullo of Horseracingwrongs.org

  4. Thank you Ed Berlinger and Patrick Batteullo for exposing the sad truth and facts about horse racing.
    There was a female sports announcer that did the same today and boy was it good!
    Her name is Sarah Spain and I encourage everybody to follow and support her on Twitter account: @SarahSpain.
    She got hammered by racehorse apologists who attacked her for her opinion on horse racing and even made reference to her make-up.
    It was brutal, but Sarah fought back “Cruelty = forcing horses to compete despite thousands losing their lives, pushing fragile creatures to their literal breaking point, doping them, etc. so you can make $

    Lies = they’re treated better than humans
    Straw man = “eliminate the breed”
    Whataboutism = animals as food
    This lady deserves a medal.

    • Gina, I just read through her Tweets and replies and was very pleased to see how many supporters of her anti-racing comments there were! There was one particular individual who gave her a hard time (racing-employed so no big surprise) but she had a good number of supporters who handily put him in his place. It was quite enjoyable reading. 😏

  5. EXCELLENT! TY Patrick…and THANK YOU Ed! I look forward to the next conversation between the two of you!

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