Scared, Abused Equine Children

In just the past two days at Remington Park in Oklahoma…

(While not every word is to be taken literally – e.g., “cremated,” “obliterated” – the language employed by the chartwriters is telling nonetheless.)

2-year-old Whitneys Secret “flipped in gate”
3-year-old Dilly Dilly Hurray “bore in severely, slammed foes”
3-year-old Moon Baby Moon “antsy in gate”
3-year-old Ms Aranda Cartel “restless in gate”
4-year-old Midnight Bay Cartel “cremated at start”
5-year-old Filthy Rich “slammed by rival”
5-year-old Apollitical Spin “bumped hard”
2-year-old Jess Good Graces “unruly in gate”
2-year-old One Kiss At a Time “bumped hard at break”
2-year-old Relentless Speed “slammed foe”
2-year-old Dividends Trick “wiped out at start”
2-year-old Blackwater Secret “bled”
2-year-old Favorite Flirt “seemed unmotivated”
2-year-old Whizkey Glasses “bumped around at break”
2-year-old Lethal Code “obliterated at break”
2-year-old Paleface Cowboy “went to nose at break”

And at Sam Houston in Texas…

3-year-old Hart Perry “rank, no threat”
4-year-old Warr Wagon “hit gate, threw head”
3-year-old Lightbow “bumped both sides”
2-year-old Personal Kiddy Up “bumped hard” (very first race)
2-year-old Whiskey One O Won “bumped hard” (very first race)
2-year-old Mighty Revenant “bumped hard” (very first race)
2-year-old Miss Luciana Jess Mv “bumped hard” (very first race)
2-year-old Go Gettum Pyc “fractious gate” (very first race)
2-year-old Joose “unruly gate” (very first race)
2-year-old Bv Destiny “unruly gate” (very first race)
2-year-old Fm First Wagon Rock “lugged in, hit rail” (very first race)
2-year-old Cashininonaprospect “bucked, lost jockey” (very first race)
2-year-old Sorchaes Soldier “bumped both sides”
2-year-old Petes Dream “bumped hard” (very first race)
2-year-old Dr Toola “unruly gate” (very first race)
2-year-old Nashville Hotspot “shied from whip, lost jockey” (very first race)

This is horseracing.

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  1. All just baby’s that shouldn’t even be near a race track.

  2. I think the 2-year-old named PALEFACE COWBOY must have stumbled and went (fell) down to his nose when the starting gates opened. Nothing is said about whether this baby stayed down or came back up on his feet. All of these chartwriter notes are indications of absolute cruelty to young, immature and underdeveloped colts and fillies that should be out grazing on grass pasture. The 4-year-old and the 5-year-old horses are most likely suffering from physical injuries due to being forced to run in this FILTHY gambling game and masked with pain-killing drugs. Who knows how much Performance Enhancing Drugs have been administered to these young horses. I wonder how many times these young horses have been shocked with buzzers in the starting gates…?! Everyone involved with the abuse of these horses should be arrested for animal cruelty/abuse and locked up in a small cell. Ban horseracing and Pari-Mutuel Wagering!!!!

  3. Were these races that are run about 400 yards at breaking speed? I don’t know the proper name of these kind of barbarian inventions

    • The Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses that run the short distances are basically called “sprinters” and the Quarter Horses get their breed name from being primarily known for running one-quarter of a mile. The American Quarter Horse Association has a website that you can read more about the history of Quarter Horses if you are interested. They were called Quarter Milers at some point in history. They have different distances. Some races are as short as 220 yards for the Quarter Horses.
      In case you didn’t know, there is a Thoroughbred stallion who is famous for being the sire, grandsire, etc. of many racing Quarter Horses. His name is THREE BARS. In the 1970s, I had the opportunity to own a sorrel (light Chestnut) gelding that had THREE BARS and LEO in his pedigree.

  4. It’s not disgusting enough to force these babies onto the track, but the complete lack of preparation and proper training is revoltingly obvious. All of these “unruly” horses are mentally overwhelmed and don’t even have the trust in their rider for guidance, since I can guarantee that none of those jockeys or gate personnel did anything to try to calm or soothe them during their panic, or even cared beyond the fact they were “holding up the family fun”.
    And all those horses bumping into each other – babies without proper balance forced to run at a speed beyond what is natural for them. If any of them survive past the next few months, I wonder how many will end up with chronic pain and potential breakdown injuries from these breakneck bumps?
    These racing parasites are vomit-inducing wastes of oxygen.

    • Rebecca, my guess is all of the above named horses will have or already have chronic pain. Most, if not all, will have injuries that lead to broken bones. In other words, all of them will be injured to the point of breakdowns and most of them fatal. If not life-ending injuries, they definitely will be “career-ending” and all of them are in pain right now. I feel certain of that!!! The pain-killing drugs administered to these victims of the Pari-Mutuel gambling industry will keep them on their feet long enough to “train” and/or race one more time until they are disposed of. These unfortunate victims of the racing/gambling industry won’t be in the major news media headlines as a “rags to riches” fairy tale as is Bob Baffert with Medina Spirit. There won’t be any “pixie dust” that will restore the original structure of these victims. All of the injuries they sustain and suffer are permanent. Their musculoskeletal systems are like yesterday’s newspaper; used and trashed.

  5. It is time to stop horse racing! The ignorant and selfish humans should be held accountable for all the injuries and deaths of horses.

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