Animal Abuse on Derby Day: Terrified Equine Child Flips Over at Churchill

Who Took the Money, three, was slated to be raced in the 5th today at Churchill Downs. He was “scratched” because of this…

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  1. What a TRAINWRECK horseracing is and an incident like this is low on the radar of the multiple things that makes horseracing in every state and every country so very wrong!!!

  2. I can’t say what I’d like to say but maybe all the hats too big for the talking heads did it. Oh wait, it was the horse’s fault wasn’t it???

  3. I hope all the people at the rails shit themselves or swallowed their mint juleps down the wrong pipe when they saw this poor scared horse barreling at them. This horse was so afraid he was ready to throw himself over the safety rail.
    But they love to run huh?! Yea they run because they are scared for their lives!

  4. If it’s not abuse on the track, you can bet your life that these innocent and beautiful horses will sooner than later be sent to Japan, Mexico, or Canada to meet a horror show of a gruesome death.
    Stop breeding horses for racing, STOP racing them to death, only to send the survivors to a more horrible end at slaughter. THIS is a despicable industry of Human GREED!!

    • Right there with you, Karen, but I actually DID bring myself to watch it. My usual policy is to never, ever click on HW vids; too upsetting, sickening, disturbing, nightmare-inducing. But on this one I chanced it. Because it’s from NBC So-Called Sports, and they’re the absolute masters of concealing carnage, especially on Derby Death Day.

      NBC Blood Sports executives, producers, camera operators actually TRAIN for the inevitable eventualities of equine horror shows (and how to scrub them before the public can become sufficiently horrified). They wrote the book on How (Not) to Televise Daily Racehorse Breakdowns.
      So, if an incident actually airs (as this one did), you can rest assured that it’s gonna be comparatively benign. I mean, yes, it’s of an abused, terrified animal in obvious distress. But, by racing’s standards, this is straight-up humanitarian kindness and royalty treatment of horses. So they’re all really proud to let the world see it.

      • It could have been worse,but he looks like he will be ok. Remember when Thousand Words flipped and he was ok up and running
        They never would have let this be shown if it was not a good outcome publicly. Like I said…it was the hats

        • When this poor abused horse was running away, his right back leg was kind of limping along with his left back leg. I hope he will be okay. #EndHorseracingNOW! #ShutDownChurchilldowns!

    • I KNOW, Karen — for this reason, we MUST SHUT DOWN this vile industry — I mean, just think, we are unable to watch footage – it’s too upsetting, it hurts too much — yet, these Horses go through this torment on a regular basis — we MUST continue to fight until all Horses are saved — ///

      SHUT DOWN this horrifically cruel industry filled with sadistic People who do NOT GIVE a DAMN — To think there is so much evidence showing how HORSES are abused, and not even ONE Reporter, on a regular basis, exposes this vile industry for what it is — SHAME on the members of our media for NOT protecting our RACEHORSES — all Horses should be transferred to Horse Ranches, Sanctuaries where they can properly be taken care of — these same places can open to Visitors to experience the beauty and majesty of these lovely Animals — fees will help with upkeep – also, donations must be promoted — this is DOABLE.

  5. WHO TOOK THE MONEY – a terrified baby running for its life unwilling and unable to handle the high stress of racing let alone a whole bunch of people watching.
    This could have been a disaster as he almost jumped over the rail and would have probably broke some bones.
    Even with so called increased scrutiny it’s very possible that some doping cocktails were given which added to the distress that WTTM was obviously in.
    After all, this is horse racing.

  6. Poor, POOR baby!!! I do not want to watch any of it so I don’t contribute to their F**N ratings but I am keeping all the horses in my prayers…how deplorable that we have to pray for an athlete to not die or get severely injured!
    These parasites will pay one day…

  7. A-holes don’t even know how to catch a horse. The poor creature was terrified, chasing him could have caused further injury to that horse and others. Running him down like the one rider did was very risky. Oh well, the party went on as usual, heartless scumbag humans only care about the money they will make off the bloodshed of these creatures.

  8. Multiple doping violator and racehorse killer who gets away with repeated doping violations, scandals unscathed Teflon Bob wins a 7th Kentucky Derby.
    This example alone should tell anybody who is stupid enough to invest in this vile business that it’s nothing but cheating, doping “Trainers” that win.
    What a bunch of hype and bullshit for 2 minutes and the saddest part is all the carnage leading up to the Derby.
    Teflon Bob a horse racing creep who dopes and kills racehorses while this business reveres him.

      • LIDOCAINE wins again. I wonder how much money the Pharmaceutical company gets for their product used by Baffert and most likely numerous other trainers of racehorses…? The horseracing industry proves that their is no honor among liars, cheats and thieves of which Baffert is one.

    • Between Bob and those scum bags Steve assmussen and Scott blasi leading their horse over together …
      Industry is a joke.

    • Baffart also “won” with a horse on the turf. I wonder what drug(s) he uses. Its so very obvious!

  9. This is what happens when you drug animals, you loose control. Horseracing must go, like Greyhound racing. Gross and without integrity.

  10. Sorry, couldn’t watch the video – I can’t watch ANY video that comes from the racetrack. Suffice to say that emotional abuse is rampant in the racing industry. Do horses spook? Certainly. But a conscientious owner knows his horse’s limits and won’t put his horse in a situation that could potentially cause the type of clusterflock that happened here. And for people that work with horses on a daily basis, they are completely clueless when it comes to catching and calming a scared horse.

    • Sue, thank you for sharing this petition. Have you signed the petition that Patrick Battuello shared on Horseracing Wrongs to stop subsidies to horseracing in Pennsylvania?

      • Yes, a few days ago. I’m sick of all the cheating and people acting like it doesn’t exist.

        • Yes, the cheating is repulsive but the abuse, brutality and cruelty to the horses is rampant, repulsive and heinous as well. Horseracing and the wagering that goes with it could not exist without extreme cruelty to the horses.
          The cargo container/s modified for Thoroughbred racehorses to be shipped to PUERTO RICO allow approximately, supposedly, three feet of width for each horse. Fifteen (15) horses at 3 feet wide each is 45 feet. The cargo shipping containers are 40 feet long, not 45 feet long. What a total freaking nightmare!!!!!!!!

          • Even more horrible when the ship sank and its horse cargo with it. A few were rescued, but horses should never, ever even be shipped to P.R. When their career is over there, they are “euthanized” with a bullet in the head. Most of them cannot even walk!

        • Sue, there is one horse that I know of that was spared that horrible fate. He was rescued from racing in P.R. by Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare. He has a long story but he has been recently shipped by air back to the USA. He arrived in Florida and will be spending time at a rescue in NEW YORK State. His name is SEQUANA.

          • Yes, I have rescued three from there, none of them are retrainable, all of them have physical limitations. They are all in wonderful, safe, secure places.

          • Sue, that is awesome that you were able to rescue three racehorses from Puerto Rico!!!!

  11. This baby clearly is giving a message. Whether you see it or not this has happened twice. He could be in pain stressed out or emotionally unable to deal with what is expected of him. Do away with horse racing and stop slaughtering these creatures for your own good. No trainer or owner wins this race. They just beat the horses around the track until one fearful baby trying to outrun the shocking and whip wins. It’s shameful and totally subsidized for no good reason at all. If this were not on the track it would be considered abuse.

  12. National disgrace America. Are you listening Mr Biden? #USAAnimalCruelty

    • Ross, I totally agree with you. I think there’s a REAL opportunity with this Administration.

  13. Sickening! That poor horse! I dread to think what happened to him/her after this! Racing needs to be stopped! I don’t care what anyone says it’s abuse plain and not so simple!

  14. SHUT DOWN this horrifically cruel industry filled with sadistic People who do NOT GIVE a DAMN — To think there is so much evidence showing how HORSES are abused, and not even ONE Reporter, not even ONE Journalist, on a regular basis, exposes this vile industry for what it is — SHAME on the members of our media for NOT protecting our RACEHORSES — all Horses should be transferred to Horse Ranches, Sanctuaries where they can properly be taken care of — these same places can open to Visitors to experience the beauty and majesty of these lovely Animals — fees will help with upkeep – also, donations must be promoted — this is DOABLE.

  15. A fellow advocate pointed something out to me regarding this incident…

    Who Took the Money was raced a total of three times prior to this race from which he was scratched. In those three races, he was yet but a two-year-old (all three prior to his ACTUAL third birthday).

    His first race he was “bumped hard”. His second race he was “bumped” again. And his third race, on March 20 at the Fair Grounds (a race with the “public audience” nowhere near the size of his May 1 race), he “flipped over in the post parade and fell then unseated the rider, ran loose for around three furlongs.” He was caught, “deemed fit to run by the state veterinarian” and raced.

    So prior to his 4th race he, again, had tried to tell his abusers, the only way he knew how, he didn’t want to race. He had been “bumped” (imagine that blunt force trauma from another running 1,000-plus pound animal) in his first two races – and as stated by one of racing’s “elite”-employed, there’s “a lot of concussion, a lot of pounding” endured by the horse during a race.

    Isn’t it amazing how more cameras and a larger audience watching will force racing’s hand to do what they didn’t in the exact same scenario only 6 weeks prior?

    • Joy,
      Thank you for sharing the history on WHO TOOK THE MONEY; it is significant! I attempted to find out more on Equibase but you would think that this horse never existed. Equibase is not showing this horse’s name at all. I was thinking about the “state vet” you mentioned and was wondering which state, but I see that it had to have been the State veterinarian of Louisiana since Fair Grounds Race Course and Slots is in New Orleans, Louisiana. I shudder to think what kind of injuries are passed as “okay” for a horse to race there when/since/because they don’t have public scrutiny. As far as I know, the television crew from NBC doesn’t go to Louisiana to televise any races at Fair Grounds Race Course and Slots in New Orleans.

      • Wanda, there must have been a mistake when you entered his name into Equibase – it’s there.

        • Joy, it is now but it was NOT there awhile ago. It must have been removed or taken down temporarily. Thanks again!
          I was afraid he might have been sent to slaughter, but maybe not. Who knows!?

          • Did it say “Error”? When that happens, just check using the horse’s birth year and dam’s name.

          • No, Joy. The first two (or three) times I did the Google search for WHO TOOK THE MONEY Equibase, his name did not show at all. Other horses with the word MONEY in them showed up on the choices to click on. That’s why I said it appears as though he never existed.

    • After a horse flips over like that, only a track vet would deem him “fit for racing”. He should have been taken back, x-rayed on the neck, spine, and legs, and then watched for 24 hours for signs of neurological trauma. Of course, that would assume you racing parasites actually gave half a shit about the welfare of your horses.

      • Rebecca, on March 20th, WHO TOOK THE MONEY was “deemed fit to run by the state veterinarian” after flipping. My understanding is that the STATE VETERINARIAN is supposed to be somewhat more responsible in looking out for the horses’ “well-being” than the TRACK VET. The horses don’t have a chance to be protected if the state veterinarian “is on the take” if you know what I mean. I know it’s all corrupt, but, as Joy points out, it requires more cameras and more public scrutiny for a horse to be scratched. It also will never be reformed so forget about reforms. Reforms are a cruel joke!

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