Watching Horses Fall – Good, Clean Family Fun

On its website, the Charlotte Steeplechase in North Carolina says, “It’s All About Tailgating – A Great Big Lawn Party Where The Horses Are Invited”! (picture here)

They go on to say:

“Children [under 12 free!] love seeing the majestic and athletic horses up close – adults do too! Kids can even ride ponies themselves! Tailgating contests, live music and delicious food offerings create high-energy – a fun atmosphere that makes you appreciate life and glad you came out to see for yourself what the Queen’s Cup is all about you get to experience five live thoroughbred races, all featuring beautiful and athletic horses, galloping over two and more miles at 30 mph, thundering full speed to be the first place winner. This is professional horse racing in the highest order.”

And how did those “majestic,” “athletic,” “beautiful” – “invited” – horses fare yesterday?

race 1: “OCEANOGRAPHER scrapped [sic] the top of second from last jump and fell. WESTERN CRUSADER had an awkward twisting jump at the second fence and fell.”

race 2: “HAYABUSA ONE fell on a turn starting the final circuit.”

race 3: “SPORTSWEAR fell at the final fence. ARCH MY BOY fell two fences out. BODES WELL fell at the first fence.”

race 4: “BIG BEND bobbled a fence on the backside, went lame and was vanned off.”

race 5: “MOTIVATIONAL jumped poorly at the last fence taking out two rails. HIGHWAY PRINCE stumbled over a fence on the backside and lost rider.”

Good, clean family fun.

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  1. BRAVO Patrick! You just painted the most decadent picture of “HORSE RACING” fun during the tragic abuse of HORSE SLAVES under TORTURE! DELIBERATE CRUELY IS NOT FUN for a HORSE SLAVE!


  2. Wow! If these horses could cheat like Lance Armstrong, they would stop to catch their breath and get a BLOOD TRANSFUSION to get the OXYGEN back into their blood! Unfortunately, the fact that the “contestants” are horses makes them victims of torture!

    • Saying the horses are invited to a two-mile-plus steeplechase race is like a bunch of perverted pedophiles having a sex party and saying the children are invited. I can’t say anything more or my comment will be deleted.

  3. Horses die while humans picnic? False and misleading advertisement, just for profit/greed!
    This is ‘ANIMAL ABUSE’ and it’s being packaged and sold to unsuspecting, ignorant people! Shame on you, shame on them! This cruelty will be, and is being exposed! It’s a blood sport, like Bull Fighting, Dog Fighting, Fox Hunting, Cock Fighting and more! Yet, they’re illegal??? SICK!

    • In jousting the focus is on humans hurting humans, whereas in horseracing & steeplechase racing the focus is on humans hurting horses. If it’s true that these steeplechase races are “charitable” fundraising events, the liability insurance premiums for an event of humans intentionally hurting humans could possibly outweigh the revenue created by the whole array of events. The knights in heavy armour were not invited.

  4. Look at how many families attend rodeos and in the past, circuses. The more kids are exposed to animal cruelty, the less affected by it and more accepting of it they become, and the more chance there is that they will treat their own animals the same way. I’ve seen ten year old girls at local 4-H shows sawing on their horses’s bits and slapping the hell out of their butts and shoulders. It’s become so common place to treat horses like this in all equine venues that no one (except me) speaks out against it. I’ve been asked to leave shows on many occasions because I call out the constant horse abuse.

  5. “A fun atmosphere that makes you appreciate LIFE.”
    I guess appreciation of life stops short of the horses as they are felled left and right.
    This is “good clean family fun”?!!
    How bizarre are these people!!

  6. Just left them a message on their website. Bet you dollars to doughnuts they won’t respond.

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