Abuse: 84 Races, 103 Races, 106 Races

Three more horses being run into the ground…

Runs for Luck is eight days shy of his 10th birthday. He has been raced almost exclusively in Pennsylvania. A race last Wednesday at Parx was his 84th. Owner, Vaccaro Racing Stable; trainer, Patricia Farro.

Fox Rox will turn 10 in May. His first race was at Saratoga way back in 2013. Race #103 took place at Tampa 12 days ago. 103. Owner, Mark Hoffman; trainer, Dennis Ward.

And finally, a week ago today at Camarero, Favorite Groom, ten, was put to the whip for the 106th time. Owner, Jose M. Stable; trainer, Ricardo Negron.

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  1. I wish we could stop this absolute cruelty to horses right now! BAN the cruelty! Ban horseracing! Ban the cruelty by banning horseracing, because horseracing is UNACCEPTABLE cruelty to horses every day, 7 days a week. The horses are abused every day and suffer every day. The people who use horses this way need to be put away in confinement for a long, long time, as in 40+ years.

  2. Are there any animal welfare laws on the books to prevent geriatric horses from being run right into the ground?

    • Karen, I don’t know but there might be an age limit. They run babies into the ground and kill them, so I think they’ll kill the horses at ten-years-old and older one way or another as long as there is some financial incentive and no punishment for this abuse to horses.

  3. I can’t bear to read these daily posts of multiple horses being exploited for fun and profit until they can no longer endure the many forms of endless torture. Will someone with the power to put an end to this self-serving carnage please step up and have some integrity? Is there anyone there who can and finally will have the compassion to end the endless, everyday cruelty of HORSE RACING? I beg you to HAVE A HEART FOR WHAT THESE POOR HORSES GO THROUGH AS SLAVES BEING USED FOR HUMAN FUN AND PROFIT!

  4. I suppose racing apologist will try to say that these are just examples of how these horses love to run and how much they enjoy the roar of the crowds, etc, etc.
    I can’t even imagine what these poor horses’ bones and tendons and muscles look like after 10+ years of track life, to say nothing about their veins and their chewed up insides from all the vile shit they’ve been injected with over the years.

  5. Python Pat AKA Patricia Farro is a serial theriocide racehorse killer and has been for years.
    She’s teamed up with owner Vacarro Racing Stable and, together, they’ve killed lots of racehorses.
    RUNS FOR LUCK has made over $516,113 obviously he’s paid his dues and a well-deserved retirement, but as long as these parasites can squeeze every last red cent out them that’s what they’ll do.
    Python Pat squeezes her victims until they die or get claimed.
    There’s no morally right exit out of her python pit.
    A pathetic excuse for a human being.
    The entire Pennsylvania horse racing scene is supported by millions in casino profits that should end very soon.
    FOX ROX – made over $495,700, but that’s still not enough for these morally deprived monsters to give him a good home. They will just keep running him until he crumbles to the ground and onto their next victim just like a true parasite does.
    FAVORITE GROOM – made over $80,000 and still being run into the ground like all of them.
    All racehorses count no matter how much money they make, but I list the earnings to show that there is not enough money any racehorse can make to secure a soft landing.
    Like most money earning claimers the above racehorses have been shuffled from trainers to tracks.
    They exist to get the money and life sucked out of them until they crumble to the ground supported by an equally repulsive bunch of apologists.

    • @Gina—
      I really appreciate your comments.
      You cast bright light on a very dark subject.

  6. In harness racing, Cal Expo on April 11, race 8: STANHOPE #7,10-year-old gelding, was entered in a one-mile Pace, claiming handicap $4,000-$5,000. According to the TVG person giving his information, it was his 245th start (15th this year)!!

    He was favored to win and did win, purse $3,700. The announcer said this was STANHOPE’s 30th win for lifetime earnings of $192,000 “earned the hard way.”

    STANHOPE is an extremely good-looking dark bay, well-balanced powerful driving force, excellent carriage, with absolutely beautiful action. Reminds me in a way of our dearly departed Mongolian Groom, whom I will never forget, working so hard and faithfully day after day for his cruel abusers. But STANHOPE lives to race another day.

    Knowing how horseracing animal abusers maim and kill so many innocent horses, I can’t even being to imagine the torture and abuse this poor horse has had to endure throughout his MANY years of hard racing. His current owner is Jacob Fox, trainer Ariel Alvarez, driver Nick Roland of Indianopolis.

    Beautiful brave STANHOPE is still giving his all for his abusers. Maybe things are different with harness racing, but 245 starts for a 10-year-old seems incredulous. When will it ever be enough for these people!

    Unknown if he was claimed for that bargain-basement price listed, and then off to another bunch of horse killers until he can’t give anymore. What a sad life horseracing is for these beautiful innocent victims.

    • Harness is very different. That’s only 30 starts per year which is about average.

  7. Gina, as bad as these are..nothing in the world,even if you lived a million years,was as egregious as A Fleet Attitude…just had turned 8 with almost 700,000 F’n THOUSAND dollars EARNED,gets murdered in a race at Aqueduct in March 2018. ONLY his egregious death got me involved in this cause. His murder will not be in VAIN (if it takes my last breath).He earned it BIG time..he accumulated that huge amount with no big time stakes…he Earned it!!!!!!! (the hard way). I implore everyone to google him, and especially look at the pictures of him,and you will UNDERSTAND.You will understand 😭.

    • Bonnie, I’ve reviewed the long term torture of A FLEET ATTITUDE (AFA) and I share your grief.
      AFA is one example that clearly shows just how callous, inhumane, cruel and egregious this business is.
      Let’s take the journey, shall we, that AFA endured?
      AFA made his debut at Parx on 4/9/2013 for “Trainer” Steve Klesaris and Owner Briardale Stable for 8 starts and then was transferred over to John Servis’s barn by owner Briardale Stable.
      Just a reminder that John Servis was among 27 trainers, veterinarians, and others indicted March 9, 2020 in federal court on drug-related charges in racing so one could reasonably assume that the needles begun going in and out of AFA within minutes of getting him into his racing stable.
      He is only with John Servis for 2 starts and then gets shuffled into another Trainer’s barn by the name of Philip Eristone, but the same owner Briardale Stable.
      Throughout this time he’s stabled and runs at Parx – year-round and has no breaks during this time.
      He remains with Philip Eristone for 14 starts from 2013 – 2015 running year-round bringing home the money for the same owners Briardale Stable and then they switch him to Trainer Richard Vega for 4 starts and then gets switched to Trainer Guadalope Preciado.
      AKA is then dropped into a claiming race for $25,000 where he gets claimed by Trainer Michael Pino and new owners Breakaway Stable.
      At this point AFA has made owners Briardale Stables $384,000 who dumped him instead of bringing him home.
      He gets claimed yet again after only 2 starts from Michael Pino to Trainer Marcus Zulueta and owner Morris Kenman Jr. for 1 start, then Scott Lake for 1 start where he’s claimed back by original owner Briardale Stable and Trainer Guadalope Preciado.
      He’s now 6 years and has been running non-stop for multiple trainers and owners, paid his dues, flipped a buck for all the parasites and does his original owner do the right thing by AFA and bring him home?
      Not a chance they have him for another 3 starts, wins for them, makes them another $40,000 give or take and then he’s moved from Parx to Saratoga where he gets claimed yet again by Trainer Danny Gargan and Owner Midwest Thoroughbreds.
      He’s now 7 years old, has made over $500,000, has run his ass-off for all the parasites who squeezed every dime they could out of him, but they were not done with him because this is horse racing where they are nothing more than gambling objects to be exploited, dumped and killed.
      1 start at Saratoga, then moved to Belmont where he’s claimed yet again by Trainer David Cannizzo and Owner Ivery Sisters Racing for 3 starts and makes his last start on March 10, 2018 at 8 years old after making 633,111 for the parasites and then the trail goes cold so where is he now?

      • Thank you so much Gina. That handsome Chestnut should have been out in a pasture enjoying RETIREMENT. His murder,because that’s what it was, really scarred me 😢.

  8. Lots of problems yesterday at opening day in Belmont which fortunately were not catastrophic. 3 horse spill in race 8 and Jose going airborne in another race (then a cardboard box blowing on the track and all had to avoid it qiuckly) That’s just another day at the track folks.

    • Um, we don’t know that it wasn’t catastrophic. An incredibly adorable filly broke down in an earlier race, but NYRA is not being very transparent in their updates.

    • Horseracing itself is a catastrophe! Stop the torture! May the NYRA be investigated by the FBI.
      (Sorry Nancy, but how can a 3 horse spill not have a catastrophic outcome?)

      • Wanda, that’s what was reported…no horses injured but jockey broke arm. Sorry to you and Marie but supposedly all the horses walked or ran off on their own accord. Hopefully the reporting is correct

        • Thank you, Nancy. I fear that the horses may be suffering from injuries that NYRA officials don’t want the general public to know about.

          • Wanda, the same thought occurred to me (they got off the track on all fours but who knows what lurks in the back barn). I am not the best communicator but I mean well.

        • Nancy, I have been wondering how they managed to get 3 horses to walk off the racetrack after being in a 3-horse spill that caused one jockey to get a broken arm. I think a veterinarian paid by the track/NYRA could have administered a high-powered dose of pain-killing medication so the horses would not feel their pain, at least long enough to walk off the racetrack. Call it deceptive, because that’s what it is! As you said, “hopefully, the reporting is correct” but I have strong doubts!

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